Sneak peek #14 – Temporarily disable sticky note reminders

In Notezilla 9 (the Windows version of our sticky notes app) you can temporarily disable the reminder pop up messages using the “Do not disturb” feature. The reminders that you set on sticky notes will not show up for the duration you set.

This feature is useful especially when you are in a meeting or presenting something from your PC/laptop.

Do not disturb option suspends sticky note reminder notifications

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Sneak peek #13 – Charming new sticky note colors

The new sticky note colors in Notezilla 9 for Windows are beautiful! The more you will see them, the more you fall in love with them :o). You will see these colors in the phone app too (Notezilla for Android, iPhone/iPad).

New color set for sticky notes on Windows

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Sneak peek #12 – Access sticky notes from the new taskbar button

Notezilla 9 brings quick way to access the desktop sticky notes in Windows. You will see a new Taskbar button while Notezilla is running in the background.

Clicking on this taskbar button will give you instant access to the desktop sticky notes. Also, right clicking will let you create a new sticky note from the taskbar’s jump list.

Bring sticky notes on top of other apps using the new taskbar button

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Sneak peek #11 – Multi-select sticky notes on Windows and move them

One more exciting feature that Notezilla 9 for Windows will deliver is the ability to multi select desktop sticky notes and move them around so that you can tidy your Windows desktop. You can also multiple select sticky notes inside the Notes Browser. Hold Ctrl key to multi-select.

Select multiple sticky notes, move them around the desktop to organize & group them

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Sneak peek #10 – Show sticky notes on desktop by folder or tag

Notezilla 9 adds the ability to quickly bring all sticky notes belonging to a memoboard (or tag) to the Windows desktop. You may be grouping various sticky notes by tag or memoboards (folders). With just 2 clicks you can instantly show all those sticky notes on the Windows desktop. This is the specialty of Notezilla 9 that will be launched by end of July.

Instantly show sticky notes from particular memoboard or tag on the Windows desktop

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Sneak peek #9 – Auto-arrange sticky notes in Windows

As you may know, Notezilla lets you organize sticky notes inside folders called “memoboards”. In the new version – Notezilla 9 for Windows, the sticky notes are arranged automatically when you move them around or when resizing the Notes Browser window.

This is extremely convenient because in the current version, often the sticky notes end up being cluttered and overlapped. The user had to arrange the notes manually each time.

Auto-arrange sticky notes when resizing them and when resizing the Notes Browser

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Sneak peek #8 – Line up sticky notes on Windows desktop

This is yet another feature that many customers requested. They wanted to tidy their Windows desktop by having the sticky notes arrange automatically when moving them close to each other. We can also call it “Snap to grid”.

We have added this feature to the new version – Notezilla 9 that will be launched by end of July 2021.

Here is the magic:

Snap sticky notes to grid on Windows desktop

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Sneak peek #7 – Offline sticky notes in Windows

Many users wanted “selective” syncing of sticky notes in the Windows version of Notezilla. Meaning, they didn’t want all the notes to sync with the cloud. Some notes may contain sensitive information that the user may not want to send outside their computer’s boundary.

Yes, we have added the feature to create “Offline sticky notes” in the new version Notezilla 9, to be launched by end of July 2021. When a sticky note is marked as “offline”, they are never synced. They are local to your computer. Those sticky notes are stored under “Offline” memoboard. You can even create more offline memoboards from the Notes Browser. Here is how you create new offline sticky notes.

Selective syncing of sticky notes in Windows using “Offline” sticky notes

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Sneak peek #6 – Duplicate a sticky note quickly

Yet another most demanded feature from our customers. Ability to duplicate a sticky note quickly in the Windows version of Notezilla. Yes, you will get this feature in Notezilla 9 which we are going to launch by end of July.

Duplicate a sticky note and create new sticky note from clipboard in Windows

What more is new?

  1. Quickly duplicate a sticky note from the note menu in Windows. Right click on the sticky note title to access this menu.
  2. Create a new sticky note based on the text in the clipboard.
  3. Create a new sticky note quickly from another sticky note.

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