New Update – Notezilla 8.0.32 for Windows

We are happy to announce that we have released a new update for Notezilla for Windows.

Presenting to you, Notezilla 8.0.32!

You can read the revision history here.

This article will cover details of all the changes we made in the new update.

What’s New?

  • Faster sync of sticky notes across all devices: Yes, you read that right! Notezilla on Windows now sync every minute. This improved frequency gives the advantage of faster updates on all the other devices too. Receiving sticky notes from your contacts is also faster now. This will help improve productivity and efficiency of tasks.
  • Sync window updated

  • Hide notes on Show Desktop (Win+D): Your desktop sticky notes will no longer disappear when using the “Show Desktop” (Win+D) feature of Windows. Using the newly added “Hide notes on Show Desktop” (Win+D) feature, if you disable this particular option, then the sticky notes will always remain visible on your desktop when using the “Show Desktop” (Win+D) feature. A small yet very handy feature.
  • Blank notes deleted permanently: Unlike the earlier version where a blank note deleted was sent to the trash folder/memo board, the new version permanently deletes blank notes. The trash memoboard doesn’t fill up unnecessarily.
  • Default Hotkeys now modified: The default hotkeys of Notezilla have been modified as they were conflicting with shortcut keys of other popular apps like Windows. You can now use the Hotkeys along with other apps, without any disturbance.
  • Product Notifications: Product news, updates and offers will be shown from within the app, automatically when needed.
  • Notification Tab

  • Sticky note skins with better gradient: The “Classic Gradient” skin has better gradient now. This improves the look of your sticky note making it more attractive.
  • Classic gradient skin

    We have improved

    We have fixed many bugs since our previous version based on suggestions and feedback from users. Because we believe in consistently improving over time.

  • Updated app skin for “Due Date Window”: The overall look of the app has been improved to make it more comfortable to read the dates inside the ‘Set Due Date’ window. This makes it easier to set reminders to your Notezilla sticky notes
  • Due Date Window-updated

  • Easier formatting of checklist sticky notes: Earlier’ when a checklist note was updated from the phone, the formatting (strike-through) of that note on Windows desktop was frequently lost after sync. This problem will no longer occur.
  • Other bugs fixed:
    1. Day light saving issue fixed.
    2. The first 2 columns of a memoboard sometimes lost the icons after sync. This is fixed.
    3. The trash prompt message did not appear on top of the sticky note when trashed from reminder window in the earlier version. This is fixed.
    4. Improved usability and User Interface in many prominent areas.
      1. You can check out the latest update by downloading and installing it from here.

        Also, this new update is free for all our existing customers.

        We hope you love Notezilla even more after trying out the update. Feedback and suggestions invited.

        Have a good day!

        Thanks for your time :)

  • Windows: Sending sticky notes to another computer using the IP address

    This post will tell you how to send a sticky note to other PC computers in Windows using it’s IP address. We will be using Notezilla for this purpose.

    What is Notezilla?

    Notezilla is a professional, elegant & highly rated sticky notes app for Windows & Phones (Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone etc). It can help you organize your life by keeping all the notes, tasks & reminders that you may need when-ever and where-ever you are. Check out Notezilla’s homepage.

    Send sticky notes through LAN

    One really helpful feature of Notezilla is that you can send sticky notes to any contact across the globe. Your contact may be in the same network (LAN) or over the Internet. You can also send sticky notes to a group of contacts at once.

    This is really easier and faster than communication through mail. Also, to maintain privacy & security, the sticky notes will be sent internally over the local network using the recipient’s computer name or IP address.

    Sending notes through the IP address is a better option when you have a lot of computers to send notes to. But what if you don’t know the names of all the computers? Just specify the IP address. You may even want to send the note to a particular computer rather than a particular person, thereby ensuring that the note reaches the computer regardless of who is using it.

    Watch a short video that shows how you can do this:

    To send a Notezilla sticky note using the IP address:

    1. Select a sticky note in Notezilla, right click on its title/toolbar and choose ‘Send To->Computer’ from the menu.
    2. A ‘Computers’ window will be displayed. Click on the ‘Manage Computers’ button to add a new computer or edit the existing ones.
    3. Click on the ‘Add Computer’ button and add computer details in the text box. The format will be – First name, Last name, computer name. Here, instead of computer name you can specify IP address also.
    4. Click on ‘Next -> Finish’ and finally select the ‘Send Now’ option.
    5. Your sticky notes will be instantly sent to the computer(s).

    Allow Notezilla through Windows Firewall

    Here are some points to ensure that the sticky note reaches successfully on another PC.

    Notezilla should be installed on another PC also in order to receive the sticky note.

    If you are sending note from Computer A to Computer B. Then Computer A should have Computer B in its computers list. This ensures that firewall is configured correctly. On Computer B, go to a sticky note and select “Send To Computers” and ensure that you have added Computer A. Only then you must attempt to send note from Computer A to Computer B.

    To troubleshoot further, make sure to configure your PC firewall to allow running of Notezilla. The firewall on the PC might sometimes not allow to send or receive notes.

    You can search for firewall in Windows search box and you will see “Allow an app through Windows Firewall”. Choose this option and enable Notezilla. If Notezilla is not listed, then click on ‘Allow another app’ and add Notezilla.

    If you are using any other Firewall tool (usually included with Anti-Virus software) then you will have to configure that firewall.

    Make sure you do this on both sending and receiving computer.

    This way your contacts will receive the sticky note right on their desktop if they are a Notezilla user. If not, they will receive the note as an email. The note will reach safely even if the receiving computer is turned off.

    For more tutorial videos, check out this page.

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    Have a good day!

    Thanks for your time :)

    Searching for text within a sticky note in Windows

    This post will tell you how you can search for text within a sticky note in Windows using Notezilla, a sticky notes app for Windows & Phones (Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone etc).

    Sticky notes in Notezilla are not designed only for writing short notes. You can even use them as an alternative to Notepad. Notezilla allows you to work on sticky notes that are as wide as your display monitor. This way you can use sticky notes to also store large content such as reference material, web snippets, scripts, drafts etc. You don’t have to worry about saving your collected data to separate files.

    While you store large content into the notes, you may find it difficult to manually search for a particular word or keyword in the long note. Say, you want to replace or remove a particular word but can’t find it.

    This is where Notezilla will help you. You just have to press the “Ctrl+F” key from within a sticky note. A search box will automatically open wherein you can type the text you are looking for. The search results will be highlighted in the note. You can even right click inside a sticky note and select the “Find” option to do the same.
    The results will be filtered as and when you keep typing.

    If the word you are looking for is repeated several times in the note, just click on the right facing arrow and the next place where it appears is highlighted.

    Notezilla thus saves a lot of your time and efforts on searching for text.

    For more tutorial videos, check out this page.

    Have a good day!

    Thanks :)

    Sticky notes on phone’s home screen – Now possible with Notezilla

    Happy to announce that now it is possible to stick single sticky note on Android phone’s home screen using the Notezilla app.

    What is Notezilla?

    Notezilla is a sticky notes app for Windows, Android and iPhone/iPad. Notezilla lets you set reminders to sticky notes, attach sticky notes to documents, websites, organize them in folders, sync notes between devices, send notes to other contacts and a lot more. Learn more about Notezilla –

    Earlier versions of Notezilla (for Android) allowed ‘Notes Browser‘ widget to be placed on phone screen. Meaning, you could view list of notes (Recent, Due, Starred etc). With the new, latest version (2.2.3), we have added one more widget called ‘Sticky Note‘. Using this widget you can stick individual sticky note to phone’s home screen.

    Here is how your sticky notes would look on your Android phone.

    Sticky Notes on Android Phone's Home Screen

    Update the Android app today from Play Store.

    Explore more about Notezilla –

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    Download the free trial today from our website.

    Have a good day.

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    Auto arrange sticky notes in Windows at startup

    If you are a Notezilla user, you would have regularly created sticky notes on your desktop and many directly in your memo boards too.
    By now you know that a sticky note created on the desktop will automatically be placed in the Home memo board too. Similarly, when you alter a sticky note, say, resize it on your desktop, it will simultaneously be changed into the memo board too. This also applies when you alter it directly in the Memo board.

    Although your desktop is unaffected by this, your memo board view changes. Your sticky notes may overlap on each other due to this resizing and may not look presentable. You can try rearranging them manually but this would consume a lot of your time especially when you have a lot of notes.

    This is why you should use one of Notezilla’s really helpful feature- Auto arrange notes on startup.

    This feature will automatically arrange the sticky notes in your memo boards whenever you start(open) Notezilla. You can do anything with your sticky notes now without worry since they will be arranged automatically the next time you use Notezilla.

    This is how it would look Before:

    How would you sort this?

    1. Go to the Notezilla notes browser and right click on the memo board and select “Properties”.
    2. A settings box will open up. Select “automatically arrange notes at startup” and click “OK”.
    3. So the next time you open Notezilla, all the sticky notes in your memo boards would have been arranged in a neat and orderly manner.

      This is how it would now look:

      This way you don’t have to come back again and again to manually arrange the sticky notes.

      For more tutorial videos, check out this page.

      Download Notezilla today for free.

      Thank you for reading.

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    Stick multiple pictures on your Windows desktop using sticky notes

    Remember Active Desktop that older versions of Windows supported? I had used Active Desktop mainly to put multiple pictures on desktop.

    Unfortunately, newer version of Windows doesn’t support Active Desktop. Luckily, we have Notezilla – The sticky notes app for Windows and Phones.

    With Notezilla, you can stick multiple pictures of your choice on your Windows desktop. You can insert pictures that already exist on your PC or just copy pictures from any website and paste them directly into sticky notes.

    Notezilla makes sticky notes more useful by providing the facility to insert pictures / images inside them. Not just 1, 2 or 10. You can add as many pictures as you like.

    How to stick multiple images on Windows desktop background?

    Watch a short video describing this feature:

    You can copy pictures from any website and paste them directly into sticky notes. Which means you do not have to download pictures every time to add them into your sticky note.

    You can even drag and drop them directly into the note which will create a link to the site from which you copied the picture. Later when you need, you can click on the link and directly go to the place where the picture was.

    This is really useful when researching and collecting data on a particular topic. Saving time, efforts and also giving a better view to your normally boring desktop.

    To make your Windows Desktop pretty, you can have sticky notes with different pictures in them. It’s fun too. I keep pictures of my loved ones on Windows desktop.

    For more tutorial videos, check out this page.

    Have a good day!

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    Attaching sticky notes to websites and webpages in Windows

    With Notezilla, you can stick notes to documents, websites, folders, programs or any other window.

    You have the right information at the right time automatically, without any effort from your side. This is because the sticky notes will popup automatically whenever you access that particular document, web page, folder, program etc.

    This article will specifically talk about sticking notes to web pages.

    You would have normally heard and seen people using sticky notes on their desktop to organize their tasks better. This is very useful to keep track of things. You would have also seen them make notes for certain websites they frequently visit like shopping websites, bank website etc. But you would never have seen them pinning notes to websites to access the sticky note too along with the webpage.

    How would you do that? Simple, using the Notezilla sticky notes app for Windows & Phones (Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone etc.).

    Watch a short video that shows how you can do this:

    The shortest way to pin a sticky note to any window (website, doc, folder, program etc.) is to press Ctrl+Shift+W from within the sticky note. The note will stick immediately to the active window.

    To stick a note to a particular website:

    1. Open a website. Let’s take as an example:
    2. Choose ‘New Note’ by clicking on the Notezilla icon in the task bar and write your note.
    3. Click on the top-left button (Note Menu button) of the sticky note and choose ‘Stick to Window’ from the note menu list. Here is how your note menu would generally look like:

      A dialog box appears with the list of all the programs running on your system.

    4. Choose the website where you want to stick the note to.
    5. The ‘Hide note otherwise’ option will hide the note automatically if you are not on that particular website.
    6. Now press OK.

    Time to use the wildcard!

    Notezilla uses the title of the window to show or hide a particular sticky note. Sometimes, you may want to stick a note to documents of similar kind. In such cases you would need to use the ‘wildcard’ method.

    To match only a part of the window title, double click on any window title that is listed (shown in the picture below) and prefix or suffix the title with the * wildcard.

    Ex: If you add * at the end of the website title*, then the sticky note will appear on all windows having the title beginning with ‘’.
    Similarly, you can also add * at the beginning of the window title, * This will match all windows having their titles ending with ‘’.

    This is because the sticky notes are always shown based on the title of the website.

    For more tutorial videos, check out this page.

    Have a good day!

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    Notezilla apps improved

    Recently we made significant improvements to Notezilla phone apps (especially iOS – iPhone/iPad) and also the Windows app.

    Some of them include:

  • The iPhone/iPad app is easier to use, more stable and lot faster.
  • In all apps, you will notice that syncing of sticky notes happens more often.
  • Here is what one of our customers has to say:

    Great piece of software replacing the way too heavy Evernote. The latest update is a major improvement and makes this the perfect companion to the desktop solution. Look and feel now very practical, synching works now without glitches. And fast and great support, the folks react fast to questions and suggestions – Baloo Tom

    Thank you Baloo Tom.

    Learn more about the leading sticky notes appNotezilla.

    Have a good day.

    Notezilla for Windows is now fully DPI aware

    New Update: Notezilla 8.0 for Windows is now made fully DPI aware. Meaning, the sticky notes (and other elements) appear big enough on 4k display monitor (Ultra HD). You can download the latest update from

    Here are various user elements issues fixed:

    1. Sticky notes
    2. Notes Browser window
    3. Sticky note toolbar
    4. Icons on sticky note toolbar
    5. Sticky note skins
    6. Reminder window
    7. Notes list inside Notes Browser window
    8. Color picker window


    Notezilla 2.0 for Android is here! Added Widgets support :)

    Dear Customers,

    Just launched! New version of Notezilla for Android. This version supports widgets! Also the notes list is colorful, notes can be shared with other apps and vice versa. Download today from the Google Play Store. Sync them with your sticky notes on Windows PC. Learn more about Notezilla.

    So what’s new in Notezilla 2.0 for Android?

    1. You can now add multiple widgets on your phone’s home screen. Each widget can list notes based on a filter, tag or a folder. Just this feature can boost your productivity.
    2. The notes list shows note color. So now it is easier and faster to pick your sticky note. Color code your sticky notes based on your preferred category.
    3. Share your notes with other apps, right from the notes list.
    4. Create new notes directly in Notezilla using the share option in other apps.
    5. Fixed bugs

    Download today – Notezilla for Android from the Google Play Store

    Here are the screenshots:Notezilla - Widget on Android

    Notezilla - Colorful Notes List

    Notezilla - Edit Note

    Notezilla - Checklist Notes

    Notezilla - Reminder Notes

    Notezilla - Widget Settings

    Notezilla - Tags

    Notezilla - Folders (Memoboards)

    Notezilla - App Menu

    Notezilla - Send notes to contacts