Getting Things Done (GTD) using Sticky Notes in Windows, Android, iPhone

GTD or Getting Things Done is the work-life management system that has helped countless individuals and organizations bring order to chaos. GTD enables greater performance, capacity, and innovation. It alleviates the feeling of overwhelm—instilling focus, clarity, and confidence. You can sort out not only your professional life but also your personal life using this concept.

Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them. That’s why David Allen created Getting Things Done®. He has even written a book on the same. It is a great help when multitasking and relieving the workload.

There are 5 steps on this journey of achieving your goals:

  1. Capture- Collect all that requires your attention.
  2. Clarify- Process them into achievable or not.
  3. Organize- Prioritize your achievables.
  4. Reflect- Keep a check on the progress.
  5. Engage- Put the tasks into action.

Let’s look at this through an example.

You are on your way home from office and suddenly realize that you forgot to wish your friend Mike, “happy birthday”. Also you had to prepare a grocery shopping list for this weekend.
You decide to go home and do this but forget it among the long pile of work. There were lots of unread emails, texts to answer and house chores too. The next day you ponder on as to why you could not take out time to make just one call to your friend or take out just 10 min to create a list.

This is because you did not capture that thought as soon as you had it.

Capture (collect)

You should have written it down on a piece of paper or your pocket diary or even in your phone for that matter.
All the things that require your attention need to be jotted down or recorded somewhere for you to remember them. The key is to keep it unfiltered and write 100% of everything. Writing down creates a sense of responsibility within you.

However, If you are writing it for yourself then you can simply write them on Notezilla sticky notes.

What is Notezilla?

Notezilla is a professional, elegant & highly rated sticky notes app for Windows & Phones (Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone etc). It can help you organize your life by keeping all the notes, tasks & reminders that you may need when-ever and where-ever you are.

Whenever you get a thought, just create a sticky note on your desktop and write it down there. This may be anything like tasks or ideas or even problems. It could be anything like preparing a presentation for the meeting next day or a simple thing like spending time with your kids.

You can create sticky notes of different sizes and colors.

Don’t know how to create sticky notes? Just watch this video to learn:

Clarify (process)

Now that you have written down all that you have in your mind, ask yourself the following questions: Is it actionable? If yes, then again ask,” Can it be achieved immediately?” If yes, then go ahead. Do it and clear the task from your list. There may be some tasks that can be put into action, but not immediately. Add such tasks to a “to-do” list. If not, just trash it and move on or maybe keep it for future reference.

Organize (place)

Now that you have grouped tasks as actionable and non-actionable, focus on the actionables. They need to be prioritized on the basis of: project, time and context.

Actions related to a particular project need to be grouped together. Ex: party, furniture and birthdays.
With Notezilla, you can create notes into different folders(memo boards) like “party”, “furniture” and “birthdays”.

Actions that are time specific say Mike’s birthday should go on your calendar to achieve them when the time comes. Add the note to the “birthdays” folder where you store all birthday dates. But then what if you forget after storing it there? Don’t worry because you can set reminders to Notezilla sticky notes which will remind you beforehand.

You can also group actions under a specific context such as people to call or groceries to buy.
Ex: All the things to buy while going out to the mall can we grouped under the context “things to buy”. This can be related to different projects like organising party and designing your new furniture.
When you go out shopping, you may have things to buy related to many of these folders. To not forget to buy anything, add tags to those notes like “buy”, “call” etc.
So when you go out, you just need to search for notes with the tag “buy” and all the notes will be displayed together. You can do the same for calls to be made for your different projects.

Reflect (review)

You are bound to forget tasks among your other activities. Come back to your lists once in a while. Check their progress, make changes wherever needed and review your current status in respect to the goal.

Trash notes once you are done. They will still be safe on your system under the “trash” memo board and you can always move them back to your favorite memo boards. You can move notes easily from one memo board to another.

Engage (Don’t think. Just do it)

And finally, motivate yourself to go out there and achieve your goals.

Tick the grocery list once you are done shopping, call Mike and offer your wishes.

But you constantly have new tasks coming up under the actionable list. Don’t worry. All you need to do is start the whole process again for each task.

For more information about this concept, check out the official website of Getting Things Done

Wait. Wait. There’s still more!

For more Notezilla tutorial videos, check out this page.

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After all, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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Personal Kanban using sticky notes in Windows, Android, iPhone

Do you ever make goals and then have a hard time trying to fulfill them? Well, this is because you don’t pen them down. A written goal or dream always brings passion to fulfill it.

Personal kanban can be a great source for you to do this.

What is Personal Kanban?

Despite our best intentions, life has a way of becoming complicated. People, tasks, responsibilities, deadlines, and even recreation, all compete for our attention. The human brain however, simply does not respond well to the stress of juggling multiple priorities.

That’s where Personal Kanban can help. Adaptable to all ages and situations, and accessible to all learning styles, personal kanban allows us to visualize the amount of work we have, and the way that work is carried out.It is useful for everyone whether you are a homemaker or an employee or a business owner or even a student.
The only key is to visualize. It gives you a sense of responsibility once you visualize and jot it down.

What better way than using Notezilla sticky notes.

What is Notezilla?

Notezilla is a professional, elegant & highly rated sticky notes app for Windows & Phones (Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone etc).
It can help you organize your life by keeping all the notes, tasks & reminders that you may need when-ever and where-ever you are.

Check out Notezilla’s homepage.

There are three important heads to your kanban board:

  • To do- Your list of dreams and goals
  • Doing- Things you are currently doing to achieve them.
  • Done- Things done to ensure success.
  • To begin with, Create a folder(memo board) for each head in Notezilla.

    If you work in a team, you could even add a “backlog” column wherein the initial “to-do” is jotted down before assigning it to each member of the team. You could write the name of the member as a title or below the note too.
    This makes it more organised and ensures that everyone knows what they need to do and tasks don’t overlap.

    Ex: The task assigned to Member A and Member B can be put up in separate notes having their name as the title. You can send the note to that member on his system, provided you both use Notezilla.
    Also, your memo board will now have an additional column of “backlog” which has the notes having tasks delegated.


    Everything you need to do, start writing it down onto sticky notes. Things you plan on doing or goals you want to achieve go under this head. They may be personal or professional, depending on your nature of use. Big tasks, small tasks, get them all down. Be true to yourself when you write them down. You would initially be surprised at how long the list goes.

    For example, your goals would be to present a proposal in the upcoming meeting and also to renovate your house. Also you want to achieve both within a month. They both will go under your “To do” memo board of Notezilla.

    Since they both are goals of different natures, you can separate them by adding tags to them like “office” and “home”. You can also add an additional tag like “this month” so that they don’t get mixed up among your other goals in the memo board. It would be easy to find them too. You just need to search for the tag “this month” and all the notes that have the tag will be displayed together. This way both personal and professional goals can be achieved using Notezilla sticky notes.


    The tasks and projects you are currently working on go under this head. They were previously in the “to-do” list before you started working on the task and moved it to the “doing” board.

    Ex: Visit interior designer, create rough draft of the proposal.

    You can turn your Notezilla sticky notes into checklists or numbered lists so that you can tick them off as and when you do the task. It is not enough to merely add notes into the board. You also need to ensure that you do not leave the task mid way and keep track among the long pile of other tasks at hand. This is why you should add a reminder to your sticky notes that will reminded you to constantly work on the task.


    What next? You need to keep working on your goals to achieve them. When you do that, your Notezilla notes move on to the “done” column.

    You must be wondering that once the task is done, you can just forget it and move on. Why create a separate column for this? This is because you can look at your success anytime and find out mistakes on the process and work on them for your future goals.

    You can trash those notes after some time, say a week. Why? To make space for your next success.

    You can trash the notes every weekend and don’t worry in case you require them again in future. The notes will still be stored in the Notezilla trash folder unless you permanently delete them from there. Tailor your settings accordingly so that you get intimidated whenever you trash a note. This ensures that you don’t trash the important ones if you have clicked one by mistake.

    The same process is to be followed for every goal. Once you start practicing, it will automatically become a habit.

    Want to know more about this concept? Visit

    And using Notezilla you will instantly feel the change in your productivity and efficiency levels. Don’t just read this but put it to practice. So, go on and give it a try.

    For more tutorial videos, check out this page.

    Download Notezilla today for free from the link provided below:

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    Organize sticky notes in Windows inside memoboards (folders)

    Too many sticky notes on Windows desktop can be cluttery. That’s why many users avoid using sticky notes app. But you can keep your desktop clean if you are using Notezilla sticky notes app for Windows.

    Notezilla lets you to keep only selected sticky notes on the desktop and place the others (that you don’t need all the time) in separate folders called Memoboards.

    What is a Memoboard?

    A memo board is a folder inside which sticky notes can be placed. They are like containers for sticky notes. The stickies are neatly arranged in each memo board just like a story board.


    Why use Memo Boards?

    You can simultaneously view contents of multiple sticky notes. Memo boards appear within the Notes Browser, a feature that lets you view, sort, and filter all of your notes at once. The Notes Browser lets you keep virtually unlimited sticky notes inside memo boards.

    Memo Boards can help you do lot’s more.

    Watch this short video for more clarity:

    For more tutorial videos, check out this page

    You can arrange notes into memo boards, which in turn can be organized in a hierarchical tree structure. In Notezilla, you can choose to automatically arrange notes whenever the memo board loads for the first time. It even lets you to change the background color of a memo board.

    Notezilla lets you to organize sticky notes simply by dragging & dropping them between memo boards.

    Access your most used memo boards easily either by marking it as favorite or by activating it using a unique key combination (hotkey). Once you set a hotkey for a memo board, you can easily activate that particular memo board from any program.

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    Add notes to Metatrader or MT on different time-frames when trading

    Often, traders like to check different time-frames before taking position according to their favorite time-frame as it is very normal that the daily time-frame might show an up-trend, while the hourly time-frame can be showing a down-trend. Making notes on charts enables you to summarize key information, focus your thoughts and finally helps in taking the call regarding your trading transactions.

    Most of the trading platforms do not allow notes to be made on the charts, even if they do, (in the form of annotations) long notes are not supported, for Ex : Metatrader 4 or MT5. Also, if you add a note to a chart, once you change the time-frames of the charts, the note disappears as it is stuck to that particular Window itself. In order to access the note all the time-frames, we need to have several monitors or laptops or keep changing time-frames to & fro. Isn’t it very frustrating. How about accessing a single sticky note on all different time-frames.

    Yes, with Notezilla, you can add a sticky note to a chart and access it even when you change the time-frames of the charts. This is an indispensable feature that makes Notezilla so good and so useful for trading. In Notezilla, the sticky notes are always shown based on the title of the website. So, if you wish to stick a note on different time-frames, you would need to use the ‘wildcard’ method.

    To match only a part of the window title, double click on any window title that is listed and prefix or suffix the title with the * wildcard. As per this, the sticky note will appear on all the different time-frames of the chart. This feature is really very useful as it helps you to get access to the right information at right time automatically, without any effort from your side.

    See the image below for more clarity:

    Here is a short video on how to attach notes to websites, documents, apps & folders on Windows PCs using Notezilla click here.

    That’s it. For more tutorial videos, check out this page.

    Learn more about Notezilla sticky notes app for Windows, iPhones, Android etc. Download free trial.

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    Navigate from one sticky note to another in Windows using the keyboard.

    This post will tell you how you can easily navigate from one Notezilla sticky note to another in Windows using the keyboard.

    You may have created a lot of sticky notes on your desktop. If you want to look for something in one of the sticky notes or edit the sticky note, you cannot click on each sticky note with the cursor to look for your sticky note. This will consume a lot of time and efforts. Also the sticky notes might all be cluttered and overlapped on each other. Using your keyboard to navigate between notes is thus the best option.

    Press the “Ctrl+Tab” key and the sticky note will be selected. Keep pressing it and the bar will keep moving to the next sticky note. This way you can quickly jump from one sticky note to another until you find your required sticky note. You can do the same in your Notes Browser too.

    TIP: Since the notes might all be cluttered, you can first arrange the notes and then navigate. Just right click on the Notezilla icon. Select “Desktop notes -> Arrange notes…” .
    The notes will be instantly arranged in an orderly manner.

    For more tutorial videos, check out this page.

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    New Notezilla feature : Quickly reply to the sender of the sticky note in Windows


    Hope you all are enjoying using Notezilla sticky notes on your PCs and Phones.

    Thank you for all the positive response and good ratings to the app.

    Sometime back we added a new feature to notezilla. You can now reply to the sender of a sticky note directly from the sticky note.

    After receiving a Notezilla sticky note from your contacts, just reply to them directly from the note instead of postponing it for later through mail, call or other sources.

    How to get this feature?

    1. Update your Notezilla on Windows to our latest version 8.0.34
    2. When someone sends you a sticky note, press on the ‘contact icon’, the very first icon on the top of the note.
    3. Reply to the note easier and faster from within the sticky note itself.

    Hope you all like this new feature. Try it out today and do feel free to give your reviews and suggestions.

    For tutorial videos, check out this page.

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    New Update – Notezilla 8.0.32 for Windows

    We are happy to announce that we have released a new update for Notezilla for Windows.

    Presenting to you, Notezilla 8.0.32!

    You can read the revision history here.

    This article will cover details of all the changes we made in the new update.

    What’s New?

  • Faster sync of sticky notes across all devices: Yes, you read that right! Notezilla on Windows now sync every minute. This improved frequency gives the advantage of faster updates on all the other devices too. Receiving sticky notes from your contacts is also faster now. This will help improve productivity and efficiency of tasks.
  • Sync window updated

  • Hide notes on Show Desktop (Win+D): Your desktop sticky notes will no longer disappear when using the “Show Desktop” (Win+D) feature of Windows. Using the newly added “Hide notes on Show Desktop” (Win+D) feature, if you disable this particular option, then the sticky notes will always remain visible on your desktop when using the “Show Desktop” (Win+D) feature. A small yet very handy feature.
  • Blank notes deleted permanently: Unlike the earlier version where a blank note deleted was sent to the trash folder/memo board, the new version permanently deletes blank notes. The trash memoboard doesn’t fill up unnecessarily.
  • Default Hotkeys now modified: The default hotkeys of Notezilla have been modified as they were conflicting with shortcut keys of other popular apps like Windows. You can now use the Hotkeys along with other apps, without any disturbance.
  • Product Notifications: Product news, updates and offers will be shown from within the app, automatically when needed.
  • Notification Tab

  • Sticky note skins with better gradient: The “Classic Gradient” skin has better gradient now. This improves the look of your sticky note making it more attractive.
  • Classic gradient skin

    We have improved

    We have fixed many bugs since our previous version based on suggestions and feedback from users. Because we believe in consistently improving over time.

  • Updated app skin for “Due Date Window”: The overall look of the app has been improved to make it more comfortable to read the dates inside the ‘Set Due Date’ window. This makes it easier to set reminders to your Notezilla sticky notes
  • Due Date Window-updated

  • Easier formatting of checklist sticky notes: Earlier’ when a checklist note was updated from the phone, the formatting (strike-through) of that note on Windows desktop was frequently lost after sync. This problem will no longer occur.
  • Other bugs fixed:
    1. Day light saving issue fixed.
    2. The first 2 columns of a memoboard sometimes lost the icons after sync. This is fixed.
    3. The trash prompt message did not appear on top of the sticky note when trashed from reminder window in the earlier version. This is fixed.
    4. Improved usability and User Interface in many prominent areas.
      1. You can check out the latest update by downloading and installing it from here.

        Also, this new update is free for all our existing customers.

        We hope you love Notezilla even more after trying out the update. Feedback and suggestions invited.

        Have a good day!

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  • Windows: Sending sticky notes to another computer using the IP address

    This post will tell you how to send a sticky note to other PC computers in Windows using it’s IP address. We will be using Notezilla for this purpose.

    What is Notezilla?

    Notezilla is a professional, elegant & highly rated sticky notes app for Windows & Phones (Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone etc). It can help you organize your life by keeping all the notes, tasks & reminders that you may need when-ever and where-ever you are. Check out Notezilla’s homepage.

    Send sticky notes through LAN

    One really helpful feature of Notezilla is that you can send sticky notes to any contact across the globe. Your contact may be in the same network (LAN) or over the Internet. You can also send sticky notes to a group of contacts at once.

    This is really easier and faster than communication through mail. Also, to maintain privacy & security, the sticky notes will be sent internally over the local network using the recipient’s computer name or IP address.

    Sending notes through the IP address is a better option when you have a lot of computers to send notes to. But what if you don’t know the names of all the computers? Just specify the IP address. You may even want to send the note to a particular computer rather than a particular person, thereby ensuring that the note reaches the computer regardless of who is using it.

    Watch a short video that shows how you can do this:

    To send a Notezilla sticky note using the IP address:

    1. Select a sticky note in Notezilla, right click on its title/toolbar and choose ‘Send To->Computer’ from the menu.
    2. A ‘Computers’ window will be displayed. Click on the ‘Manage Computers’ button to add a new computer or edit the existing ones.
    3. Click on the ‘Add Computer’ button and add computer details in the text box. The format will be – First name, Last name, computer name. Here, instead of computer name you can specify IP address also.
    4. Click on ‘Next -> Finish’ and finally select the ‘Send Now’ option.
    5. Your sticky notes will be instantly sent to the computer(s).

    Allow Notezilla through Windows Firewall

    Here are some points to ensure that the sticky note reaches successfully on another PC.

    Notezilla should be installed on another PC also in order to receive the sticky note.

    If you are sending note from Computer A to Computer B. Then Computer A should have Computer B in its computers list. This ensures that firewall is configured correctly. On Computer B, go to a sticky note and select “Send To Computers” and ensure that you have added Computer A. Only then you must attempt to send note from Computer A to Computer B.

    To troubleshoot further, make sure to configure your PC firewall to allow running of Notezilla. The firewall on the PC might sometimes not allow to send or receive notes.

    You can search for firewall in Windows search box and you will see “Allow an app through Windows Firewall”. Choose this option and enable Notezilla. If Notezilla is not listed, then click on ‘Allow another app’ and add Notezilla.

    If you are using any other Firewall tool (usually included with Anti-Virus software) then you will have to configure that firewall.

    Make sure you do this on both sending and receiving computer.

    This way your contacts will receive the sticky note right on their desktop if they are a Notezilla user. If not, they will receive the note as an email. The note will reach safely even if the receiving computer is turned off.

    For more tutorial videos, check out this page.

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    Searching for text within a sticky note in Windows

    This post will tell you how you can search for text within a sticky note in Windows using Notezilla, a sticky notes app for Windows & Phones (Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone etc).

    Sticky notes in Notezilla are not designed only for writing short notes. You can even use them as an alternative to Notepad. Notezilla allows you to work on sticky notes that are as wide as your display monitor. This way you can use sticky notes to also store large content such as reference material, web snippets, scripts, drafts etc. You don’t have to worry about saving your collected data to separate files.

    While you store large content into the notes, you may find it difficult to manually search for a particular word or keyword in the long note. Say, you want to replace or remove a particular word but can’t find it.

    This is where Notezilla will help you. You just have to press the “Ctrl+F” key from within a sticky note. A search box will automatically open wherein you can type the text you are looking for. The search results will be highlighted in the note. You can even right click inside a sticky note and select the “Find” option to do the same.
    The results will be filtered as and when you keep typing.

    Here is a short video incorporating this feature:

    If the word you are looking for is repeated several times in the note, just click on the right facing arrow and the next place where it appears is highlighted.

    Notezilla thus saves a lot of your time and efforts on searching for text.

    For more tutorial videos, check out this page.

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    Sticky notes on phone’s home screen – Now possible with Notezilla

    Happy to announce that now it is possible to stick single sticky note on Android phone’s home screen using the Notezilla app.

    What is Notezilla?

    Notezilla is a sticky notes app for Windows, Android and iPhone/iPad. Notezilla lets you set reminders to sticky notes, attach sticky notes to documents, websites, organize them in folders, sync notes between devices, send notes to other contacts and a lot more. Learn more about Notezilla –

    Earlier versions of Notezilla (for Android) allowed ‘Notes Browser‘ widget to be placed on phone screen. Meaning, you could view list of notes (Recent, Due, Starred etc). With the new, latest version (2.2.3), we have added one more widget called ‘Sticky Note‘. Using this widget you can stick individual sticky note to phone’s home screen.

    Here is how your sticky notes would look on your Android phone.

    Sticky Notes on Android Phone's Home Screen

    Update the Android app today from Play Store.

    Explore more about Notezilla –

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    Download the free trial today from our website.

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