Attaching sticky notes to folders in Windows Explorer

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Often our customers have this question – “Using Notezilla, how do I stick notes to folders in Windows Explorer?”.

Sticky note on folder in Windows Explorer

Sticky note on folder in Windows Explorer

Actually, the process of sticking notes to a folder is same as sticking notes to any other website or document using Notezilla. However, to make it work perfectly, there is a setting in Windows Explorer that needs to be enabled.

Notezilla sticks sticky notes to different web pages, documents, folders & emails based on the title of the window. In case of Windows Explorer, by default the title of the window is the folder name. So here comes the problem. If you have multiple folders with the same name, then the sticky note would show up on all those folders because of the same window title. This is not what we want.

In order to solve this, we just have to enable a setting in Windows Explorer – “Display the full path in title bar”. On Windows 10/7, you would also see a note “Classic theme only” against this setting. It only means that the full path will be shown only in Classic Windows theme. Other themes will use the full path internally (which is what Notezilla requires).

Windows Explorer - View Options

Windows Explorer – View Options

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Showing the desktop sticky note from any memoboard

In the latest build of Notezilla – 8.0.15, we added an easier way to show and hide the desktop sticky note from any memoboard.

In the earlier builds, one would have to explicitly go to the ‘On desktop’ filter to browse all desktop sticky notes. This was harder than the previous version Notezilla 7.0. But we have made it better in Notezilla 8.0.15.

Watch this short video:

How to show the desktop sticky note from any memo board.

From the Notes Browser, select the sticky note that is stuck to the Windows desktop. Then click on the ‘Stick to Desktop’ toolbar button and choose ‘Show the desktop note’.

Stick to Desktop menu in Notezilla

Alternatively, you can also right click on the note and choose ‘Stick to Desktop -> Show the desktop note’ from the menu.

Stick to Desktop menu  Notezilla

If you are already a registered user of Notezilla 8, you can download the new build for free. Go to download page.

Sticky note titles are back in Notezilla 8

Thanks a lot to all the users who emphasized on the importance of sticky note titles.

We just released Notezilla 8.0.14 with the title feature.

You can download it from here.

Watch a short video depicting this feature:

Sticky note with title

Sticky note with title

Also, due to the change in how sticky notes can be stuck to the desktop (from any memoboard) in Notezilla 8, we had removed the ‘Show’ & ‘Hide’ buttons from the Notes Browser. We will be bringing them back also in the next build.

Do keep sending in your questions & feedback. We are listening.

Thanks for all the support and the awesome reviews.