“Notezilla – the Rolls Royce of sticky note programs” – Chuck Colsch

Here is a beautiful feedback from our Notezilla customer – Chuck Colsch.

“First of all, I want to let you know that Notezilla is AWESOME! I am very surprised that I could obtain this amazing software for the Astounding price of $29!! I assure you, I would have gladly paid Much more than that (as I have for programs Far less valuable than your wonderful Notezilla).

Secondly, before settling upon Notezilla–the Rolls Royce of sticky* note programs, I literally tested EVERY competing product & created a table—assigning points to every feature, so I could demonstrate WHY Notezilla is supreme in this genre.
* Actually, I really dislike that designation since Notezilla’s feature-set goes FAR beyond that — It is a full-blown Notes program with excellent notes management.

Thank you very much, Mr. Jain, for giving the world this truly amazing program. It has truly improved my life and is one of my very favorite programs.

Chuck Colsch”

Thanks Chuck :)