Copy files, organize files & backup files

Have complete control when copying
files in Windows 11 / 10 / 8 / 7

Copywhiz enhances your file copy & backup experience in Windows. It offers more flexibility when copying and organizing files by letting you choose which type of files to copy, which ones to ignore (Selective File Copy) and how to copy. Also, schedule automatic file backups using Copywhiz.

Extremely useful in quickly organizing, grouping, separating several music files, pictures, videos, and documents.

You will love to see how easy & fast it is to:

  • Pick only required files from several folders in one go!
  • Exclude unnecessary files and folders that occupy huge space
  • Sync destination folders with the source
  • Automatically organize files based on attributes & metadata (Eg. mp3)
  • Collect files from multiple folders and copy/compress at once
  • Auto-rename and auto-skip files when copying them
  • Schedule your file backups
  • and a lot more :)


Gain Control

Copywhiz allows you to copy only new or modified files or copy files based on file name or extension. You have complete control.

Save Time

Copywhiz lets you collect files from different folders and paste them all together. Saves your time & effort.


Organize your files automatically based on file attributes - file name, size, date, type, extension and mp3 metadata (Artist, Album, Genre etc).

Ensure Accuracy

Verify files for data integrity after they are copied. Useful when copying files over network or to another external drive.

Play Safe

When a duplicate file is found, Copywhiz allows you to replace the existing file if it is older or rename the file before copying the new file.

Operate Hands-Free

Use Copywhiz command line options to automate file copy tasks. Copy files to multiple computers or multiple folders in a single click.

Enjoy Convenience

Use Copywhiz right from within File Explorer (Windows Explorer). It also supports other file managers like Total Commander, xplorer2, Directory Opus (dopus), RecentX, XYPlorer & ExplorerXP.

Be Right The First Time

Review the list of files that will be copied. Ensure that no important file is left behind & no unnecessary file is copied.

No More Residues

Sync files between source and destination folders. When you delete it from source it is also deleted from the destination folders. No more unwanted files and folders!

Stay Relaxed

Copywhiz lets you retry or skip a file on error. It does not stop abruptly if a file is in use or if the disk is full.

Save The Effort

Wish to copy the same set of files again? Just save the list in Copywhiz & re-use it in the future.

New Version!

Copywhiz 6 is the latest version
What's new in Copywhiz 6. Download and try Copywhiz for free. Upgrade to the latest version at discounted price.

Customer Reviews

This product (Copywhiz) is absolutely indispensable - PERIOD!!! The product makes mass file corrections, group copying, and a host of other copy-related actions so easy as to almost defy description.

Frank Bass

Very nice, handy, little program. I like everything about the program. There seems to be no limit on how much material you can put into the basket and since I work with large numbers of files, it's great for me. Also love piky folders.

CNet User

Great tool that saves a ton of time. I do a lot of moving around on my computer with 5-7 drives attached to it. This tool makes it easy to navigate without having to remember where my information is. I definitely recommend this tool.


I’ve always wondered why there isn’t a better way to copy and paste files. Thanks for the tip off


First, thank you for such an outstanding utility! I use it constantly, and it works flawlessly!

Jeff Owen

I love this program and cannot see it needing extra features. I've recently purchased a mp3 player and, of course, Piky becomes invaluble again. It's purrfect. You should be making a buck from this ... its sure worth it


This add on adds life to the copy paste function. I wonder why Microsoft don't provide this. I always had problem while copying best photos of my baby from different folders to one common folder. Now not any more..... Many thanks to the creative developers


I usually forget Piky Basket is even installed, until I want it... and it's right there waiting for me with a simple right-click! It is my opinion that this is an app that no Windows computer should be without!


Who is using Copywhiz?

Features & Screenshots

Copy only new or modified files

Many times we wish to share/upload only recently modified files, or backup only changed files to another drive or pick the latest music files from multiple folders.

Copywhiz lets you do all of these with just a few clicks right from File Explorer (Windows Explorer).

Copywhiz works from other popular file managers also such as Total Commander, xplorer2, Directory Opus, RecentX, XYPlorer & ExplorerXP.

Copy only specific type of files or folders

When copying a bunch of files, you may want to exclude some folders containing unnecessary files. Or you may want to copy only a particular type of file.

Example: Only pictures and not videos, only source code files and not object files, all documents except .pdf, and so on.

Review files before copying them

If you are copying files depending on date, type or size, it is essential to know which files will be copied before actually copying them.

Copywhiz lets you preview the files to be copied. This ensures accuracy.

You can also use this feature to view the list of new & modified files in a folder.

Schedule your file copy for backups

Files selected in Copywhiz can be saved to a project file.

Once saved, you can use Copywhiz command line parameters to run the project file from a batch file or a script file.

Refer to the Copywhiz help documentation for more details.

Organize files based on their properties

Automatically copy files to an organized folder structure based on the file attributes such as file name, date, size, extension, type and also mp3 metadata (Album, Artist, Genre etc).

If you have photos, music and documents scattered all over, you can set them all in place in just a few minutes.

Select once copy many times

If you often copy the same set of files to one or more folders, select the files once and save the list in Copywhiz.

You can later open the saved list and directly run it.

This feature can be used to backup files, synchronize files between two computers, run programs with different data files, test a program with different versions of a file, etc.

Pick & copy files from multiple folders

Copywhiz lets you pick files from different folders and paste them all at once. This saves a lot if time & effort.

This is useful when organizing music files, sharing files that belong to different folders, copying files from different locations to USB flash drive etc.

Windows only allows you to copy, paste, copy, paste, copy paste & so on. But with Copywhiz, you can copy, copy, copy and paste all together.

Copy files to multiple folders or computers

With a single click, Copywhiz lets you copy files to multiple computers or folders.

You can use some standard date variables such as %year%, %month%, %day% as part of destination directories so that each time the files are copied to a new directory.

Auto-rename files with duplicate names

When copying files, you may encounter another file with the same name but different content. Often happens with music & picture files.

You may not want to replace the existing file with the new one but keep both the files.

Copywhiz lets you automatically rename the existing file before copying the new file so that you can keep both the files.

Sync files between source and destination folders

Synchronize files of the source and destination folders. Automatically remove a file from the destination folder when it is removed from the source folder.

A very useful function when you want to hold the same collection of files in different folders.

Verify data integrity of files copied

Verify the data integrity (checksum) of each file copied or backed up.

This is especially necessary when copying files over the network or to a removable external drive.

Copy just the files without their folders

With Copywhiz, you can copy only the files without creating any folders/sub-folders.

You may have files (pictures, music, etc) within multiple sub-folders that you want to pick and copy them all into a single folder.

Pick & compress files from multiple folders

Copywhiz comes very handy when you wish to compress files from different folders to a single .zip file.

It lets you pick files from different folders and compress them all in a .zip file with the least effort.

This way, you can easily share/upload a single .zip file containing files from multiple folders like picking up the best pictures, music, or videos from your library.

Retry or skip files on error

When copying files, Copywhiz does not stop abruptly on error. Instead, it lets you retry or skip a file.

For example: If a file is locked (file-in-use), Copywhiz will wait until you unlock the file. Copywhiz will show you which program is using the file so that you can close the program to continue with the file copy.

Also, if the disk is full, Copywhiz will show how much space you need to free in order to complete successfully.

Replace files only if newer or different

With Copywhiz, you can skip identical files and overwrite only when the destination file is older than the source file.

This way, you don't have to copy the same files again. Save a lot of time when copying large files.

Copy locked files, replace files on reboot

If a file is in use (locked), Copywhiz shows the list of programs using this file so that you can close those programs in order to continue.

Also, you can choose to replace the locked file when you restart your computer next.

These are some unique features you would very much appreciate.

Other file copy features

There are many more things you can do with Copywhiz.

Pause file copy and resume from the same point, Automatically shutdown/hibernate/sleep PC after a file copy, Silently copy files without prompts & error messages and generate log files.

You can also change the file copy speed and view progress of each file copied. Proves to be a really productive tool.

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