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Thank you! I love the application(Copywhiz). It’s worth every penny and more!

Alin Selea

I tried Copywhiz for only a few minutes, and every time I did, all I kept saying was “wow!”. This is an excellent tool for management, lawyers, research… and so many other fields. Bravo, whoever did this is…. I will be trying you other 2 products as soon as I finish this email!

Yacoub Algusane

The software (Copywhiz) is excellent and I am glad that I use it. It is a must-have for anyone using Windows 7 and who wishes to intelligently backup files. I would certainly rate it as 5 stars.

D****** Kaplan

The ingenius part is that it allows you to copy just new or recently-modified files, rather than ALL files. This saves time and also adds peace of mind because somehow it feels wrong when you have to REPLACE all files just because you can't remember which specific few need to be updated

Howard Richman

You should promote Copywhiz primarily as a backup program. It is the most reliable and safe way to protect your data.

John Zahn

I really appreciate your product (Copywhiz) : simple, fast, efficient. Thanks!

Roland Sauter

"Copywhiz is a very convenient tool that saves me quite a lot of time while managing over 200 web portal sites"

Jamieson Sidoti

I have been using Copywhiz now for about a month and I don't know how I survived in a Windows world without it. It is great.

Jessica Avallone

Love the way Copywhiz works, has saved me valuable time.


This is one of the best programs I've worked with - one of those who try it like you can not imagine working on a computer without the program. Simplified and helped me save a lot of time while working on a computer easy to use, simple and fast. A good job thanks and best regards.

Rafal Wojak

This product (Copywhiz) is absolutely indispensable - PERIOD!!! The product makes mass file corrections, group copying, and a host of other copy-related actions so easy as to almost defy description.

Frank Bass

I’m really liking CopyWhiz! I already have RecentX and Notezilla, and I’m liking this one just as well, and only after ten minutes!

Charles Billow

Excellent, a real must have. makes copying and pasting a pleasure not a chore.


I have downloaded CopyWhiz and find this a great program - I have only used this once and was impressed at the speed and no errors

Dr. Rodney

Piky Basket is the best ever tool I have used and will continue to be so... YOU ROCK!!!


Have either purchased a license for or have used all four of Conceptworld's programs. I would recommend any one of them highly. They are handsome, efficient, easy to use, and the developer is helpful and responsive.


I've owned QNP then later NoteZilla. I've recently started using RecentX and PikySuite. All of these are fabulous programs that save me much time when dealing with files and folders inside of a multi-layered hierarchy. I hope ConceptWorld keeps developing these concepts. These are things that should be native to the operating system.

Coleman K D

Very nice, handy, little program. I like everything about the program. There seems to be no limit on how much material you can put into the basket and since I work with large numbers of files, it's great for me. Also love piky folders.

CNet User

Great tool that saves a ton of time. I do a lot of moving around on my computer with 5-7 drives attached to it. This tool makes it easy to navigate without having to remember where my information is. I definitely recommend this tool.


It is fun and is not like a whole other program that takes a long time to load


I just finished organizing my mp3 collections. This tool saved me tons of time and made the chore actually enjoyable. You music lovers will love this program. Thank you Piky for making my life easier


This is just what I was looking for...a real time saver. Thanks


I think that often you will use this freeware. if you have a lot of files in you PC, you will use it. You try it: I tried and now I love it.


It often happens that I want to move or copy specific files into one folder for temporary use. I used to have to create a folder on the desktop and name it "temporary stuff". Then I would open another window , start finding my files and drag them individually into the "temp stuff" folder . Now, Picky Basket makes it a lot faster. For example, I often like to browse through my many picture folders and choose some photos for whatever project or to zip and email. Now, as I browse, I can just right-click and add them to my picky basket as I go. Then when I am all down, I create a new folder and copy all the piky basket contents into it. Now my pictures for that project are all in one place and the originals are safe in their location. Whenever I am done with my project, I just erase that folder and I am back to normal. Such a simple concept that makes using the computer a whole lot simpler and less time consuming. Thank you Picky Basket!


Extremely useful and easy to use tool. A great organizer as well. If you want something to go somewhere, drop it in the basket. When you're finished with what you want to move, past it into the folder you chose, and that's it. Many thanks to the developer.


Cut, Copy, Paste in a Comfortable way. And the advantage is one can copy files from different folders and can paste all of them or selected files in to different folders. Piky Basket is a very useful program.


OH, YEAH ! This baby works great! Eliminates a lot of hassle! It was a great idea to make this tool. And they made it VERY WELL!


Nice. in fact very nice

Brent Larsen

A Works as advertised! Right click context menu puts it right where you need it when you need it. I work with pics/graphics and this couldn't be easier. Major time and frustration saver when organizing files. Made my life much easier. I wouldn't want to be without it now that I have it! A most worthy download!

Big Thunder

Piky is one of the most useful progs. I have ever seen. and so is quicknotes. Is there a place where I can rate it ?? Thanks and keep up the amazing work

Bharat Rangan

Cool software, extends my windows abilities. It kills the need of multiple cut-copy-paste process


It's cool for keep in order your files. Basically you could copy as many items from as many sources as you need to.


I usually forget Piky Basket is even installed, until I want it... and it's right there waiting for me with a simple right-click! It is my opinion that this is an app that no Windows computer should be without!


This add on adds life to the copy paste function. I wonder why Microsoft don't provide this. I always had problem while copying best photos of my baby from different folders to one common folder. Now not any more..... Many thanks to the creative developers


I love this program and cannot see it needing extra features. I've recently purchased a mp3 player and, of course, Piky becomes invaluble again. It's purrfect. You should be making a buck from this ... its sure worth it


I really like your little proggy. It is handy to transfer my mp3s to my portable player


First, thank you for such an outstanding utility! I use it constantly, and it works flawlessly!

Jeff Owen

It saves you time, especially when sorting out files for backup, sorting, and burning. It just stays as an item in your right-click menu for use. Otherwise, it doesn’t use up your precious resources.


i just cleaned up all the stuff on my computer into folders it was a mess and a half and moved it into my laptop! i am so upset i hadnt seen this earlier! :cry: But im really glad i came by this because i have alot of work like that to do! what a life saver!


I’ve always wondered why there isn’t a better way to copy and paste files. Thanks for the tip off


Very useful indeed! Good to know that it works with Vista


Its very cool tool. I used that long back, its very nice and extremely useful when a need arise to copy more files. No chance of forgetting which file was copied. Thank you for reminding about this fantastic tool


Your products are fantastic. I was originally looking for a notes program that would allow me to send a note to someone over the Internet. But I started looking at RecentX and PikySuite, and I was amazed to find that they gave me functions that I didn’t even know I needed! I deal with a *lot* of files and folders every day, and these products have already saved me a lot of time


Piky Basket is a rule of copy/cut/paste replacement. Very nice, simple, and much-much easier. Since Piky Basket was a baby (v1.0), i used it and i really Now Piky was a boy (v2.0), a few improvent has added to it. Amazing concept that Piky Basket offer to us. Great job Piky Team, you helping people with this greatest, simpliest...ahaaa... it can't describes by a words. Thx for little boy Piky. For the people around the world, no matter you are (hacker, cracker, carder, programmer, developer, business man, video lovers, music lover, home user), just download little boy Piky now. You will shocking with the action of Piky. Aufwiedersehn, sayonara, and chiao... Bravo to Piky,.. WE LOVE YOU PIKY

Roynardo Tambunan



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