Sticky notes created from phone can appear on your Windows desktop now

With Notezilla 8, you know that the sticky notes can be synced between your Windows desktop & the Notezilla.Net cloud. You can then access your notes from any phone (Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows etc) using the Notezilla.Net web app. Moreover, sticky notes can be synced between your computers too.

On sync, new notes created from phone are brought back to your desktop version of Notezilla. By default, they are created inside the Home memoboard.

What’s newly added now is that when creating a sticky note from the phone, you can ensure that it sticks to your Windows desktop also (not just the Home memoboard) during the next sync. So basically when you get back to your PC, you will see the new notes (created from phone) right on your Windows desktop. This will help in reminding you of your stuff.

If you haven’t synced your sticky notes yet from Notezilla 8, create a Notezilla.Net account today by right clicking on Notezilla icon on your PC. To know how to access them from your phone after sync, click here.

If you are still using older version of Notezilla, download Notezilla 8 today & see your notes on your phone. New version will automatically migrate your notes. There is upgrade discount too.

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Copying only the folder tree structure without the files using Copywhiz

As you know, Copywhiz gives you more control over file copying operations in Windows. You can selectively copy only the files that you want, such as copying only new or modified/changed files, copying files from several folders except for certain files, copying files by type, date, size etc.

Here is a new feature that we discovered today in Copywhiz.

Thanks to our customer Garrett Goyette :)

Here is a small video depicting this feature:

Copying just the folder tree structure without the files inside those folders in 3 simple steps.

Here are the simple steps to achieve this.


Using Copywhiz, select the folders that you want to copy. To do this, right click on one or more folders in Windows explorer and choose Copywhiz->Copy option.

Select files in Copywhiz


Go to the destination folder, right click inside the folder and choose Copywhiz->Paste Special->Paste only files of specific type


Type a name of the file (under the option ‘Include only files of following type:’) that you are sure does not exist inside the selected folders. Example: ‘some-file-name-that-does-not-exist.txt’. Then press OK.

Copywhiz will now successfully create the complete directory tree structure without any files inside them.

For tutorial videos, check out this page.

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Learn more about Copywhiz. Download the free trial from here.

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In Windows 8/8.1 use a start menu replacement if it is annoying to run programs from the start screen

Every time I try to use Windows 8/8.1, my heart screeches “Give me my start menu back!!!”. I then convince myself that I would get used to the new metro-style tile based programs screen. But this one is really hard. Microsoft has brought back the start button in Windows 8.1. But most of us were expecting the classic start menu too with the start button, as in Windows 7. Clicking on the start button in Windows 8.1 rather shows the tile-based start screen. What’s worse is that it covers the whole screen. Just to launch a program?

We never realized that this was an opportunity for us until last week our customer Carl Lum wrote:

Since moving to a Windows 8 machine, I find I rely on RecentX even more, as it no longer has the same application finder as Win 7 (and using the Win 8 Metro interface on a desktop is extremely annoying)

Wow! RecentX would be so much more useful in Windows 8/8.1 OS. It would completely avoid the tile-based start screen and let you find and launch an app faster because it provides the programs list similar to Windows 7. See the picture below:

RecentX is not just an app launcher. It helps you find & launch files, folders & bookmarks too. There are some really cool advantages of RecentX. I strongly recommend that you read more about it on RecentX’s home page. You can even try it for free to see how it saves loads of manual tedious tasks, time & money.

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