Copying only the folder tree structure without the files using Copywhiz

As you know, Copywhiz gives you more control over file copying operations in Windows. You can selectively copy only the files that you want, such as copying only new or modified/changed files, copying files from several folders except for certain files, copying files by type, date, size etc.

Here is a new feature that we discovered today in Copywhiz.

Thanks to our customer Garrett Goyette :)

Here is a small video depicting this feature:

Copying just the folder tree structure without the files inside those folders in 3 simple steps.

Here are the simple steps to achieve this.


Using Copywhiz, select the folders that you want to copy. To do this, right click on one or more folders in Windows explorer and choose Copywhiz->Copy option.

Select files in Copywhiz


Go to the destination folder, right click inside the folder and choose Copywhiz->Paste Special->Paste only files of specific type


Type a name of the file (under the option ‘Include only files of following type:’) that you are sure does not exist inside the selected folders. Example: ‘some-file-name-that-does-not-exist.txt’. Then press OK.

Copywhiz will now successfully create the complete directory tree structure without any files inside them.

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