How to make RecentX list files opened using Total Commander

RecentX automatically tracks files & folders opened using Windows Start Menu, Windows Explorer and most other programs. However, it is unable to track files opened using Total Commander.

Thanks to our customer @Lutz who directed us to an online forum post that shows how to make Total Commander work with RecentX. In the past we already posted how to make RecentX work with Directory Open (Dopus).

Basically, you would need to set an AutoHotkey script to run in Total Commander whenever a file/folder is opened from it.

RecentX monitors all items added to the Windows Recent Documents list. This is nothing but the “\Microsoft\Windows\Recent” folder under AppData. If you open %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent from Windows start menu, you will get to the exact folder.

The following AutoHotkey script achieves this:

Target = %1%
LinkFile := APPDATA . "\Microsoft\Windows\Recent" . SubStr(Target, InStr(Target, "\", 0, 0)) . ".lnk"
FileCreateShortcut, %1%, %LinkFile%
Run, %1%

To make any file type (e.g. “*.pdf”) that you want TC to create shortcuts for in the Windows ‘Recent’ folder run this script, use menu: “Files|Internal Associations” and add the file type. In the input box next to “Open”, put:

"[PathAndFullNameOfAHKScript]" "%1"

Thanks to @9kvD38n6, who posted this in the forum.