Outlining (multi-level bullets & numbering) in sticky notes on Windows

When planning a project, our thoughts flow hierarchically.

Example: If we think about “Raising capital” for a business, immediately our mind rushes into various options like “Shares,” “Loans,” “Reinvestment of profits,” etc. And when we think of “Loans,” we naturally think of options like “Bank loans,” “Loans from financial institutions,” etc.

For this reason, mind-mapping techniques & software tools help you plan anything real fast.

It is possible to use Notezilla sticky notes app also to quickly jot down your tasks hierarchically (map precisely what’s on your mind) using the outlining feature.

What is Notezilla?

Notezilla is a professional, elegant & highly rated sticky notes app for Windows & Phones (Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, etc.). It can help you organize your life by keeping all the notes, tasks & reminders that you may need when-ever and where-ever you are.

With sticky notes, you hardly have to put effort to take notes, set reminders, etc. Just jot down & move on with your task at hand. Notezilla allows you to create attractive and realistic sticky notes to make the desktop look more colorful and beautiful.

It works smoothly on both phones & tablets.

Here are some features of Notezilla:

  • Sticky notes with reminders
  • Attach sticky notes to websites, documents & folders
  • Pin sticky notes on top of other apps
  • Sync sticky notes between Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad
  • Add pictures inside sticky notes
  • Organize sticky notes inside memoboards (folders)
  • Checklist sticky notes
  • Lock sticky notes (password protect)
  • Markdown support
  • Send notes over local network or across the globe
  • Tag sticky notes
  • Dark mode support
Sticky Note with Outlining on Windows

An image depicting one of the features of Notezilla.

Check out Notezilla’s homepage.

With this feature, your list grows in a structured fashion. Your tasks do not get mixed up, and Assigning tasks, and tracking becomes simple.

Outlining in Notezilla is possible using multi-level bullets & numbering as shown in below 1-minute video. A simple feature but really very useful.

For more tutorial videos, check out this page.

With outlining, tags & memoboards features, Notezilla can really boost & improve the way you prioritize, complete your tasks & achieve your goals.

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