Duplicating a sticky note in Notezilla on Windows

Often, users want to create a copy of existing sticky note containing exact text content.

It is possible to duplicate a sticky note in Notezilla without manually copying and pasting the text to another sticky note. This is useful when you wish to work on the copy of a sticky note without touching the original.

Eg: You can keep a set of sticky note templates with standard content & create a copy whenever required.

What is Notezilla?

Notezilla is a professional, elegant & highly rated sticky notes app for Windows & Phones (Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone etc). It can help you organize your life by keeping all the notes, tasks & reminders that you may need when-ever and where-ever you are.

Here is a very short video that demonstrates how to duplicate a sticky note in Notezilla on Windows.

For more tutorial videos, check out this page.

Video Transcription

  1. Right click on the Notezilla icon in the Windows taskbar (next to the clock), choose Notes Browser.
  2. In the Notes Browser, select the sticky note to be cloned from the top notes list (not the bottom sticky notes view).
  3. Now, hold Ctrl key, drag and drop the item to the current memoboard listed in the left “Memoboards” tree view.

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Notezilla: Better alternative than Sticky Notes for Windows

There are several users who are satisfied with the Sticky Notes app that is shipped with Windows (Available in Windows 7, Vista, Windows 8 & beyond, except for Starter and Home basic editions of Windows). ‘Sticky Notes’ for Windows is simple, does its job and it is free.
This post is just a nudge to those users requesting them to look beyond the basic features that the default Sticky Notes app provides. Digital sticky notes are capable of many more things. They are not meant to just stay silent on your Windows desktop. Is there any better replacement for the Windows Sticky Notes? Yes, there is!
Notezillaa sticky notes software for Windows & phones, has demonstrated extra-ordinary potential of sticky notes.

Sticky notes on Windows desktop

Notezilla sticky notes on Windows desktop

(To view all screenshots, you may open this page.)

Notezilla is a sticky notes app for Windows. It lets you create Post-It(r) like sticky notes on Windows desktop. Plus you can set reminders, organize them using folders & tags. The most useful one is that you can attach sticky notes to any documents, websites, folders, programs or any other window. Also sync sticky notes over the cloud & access them from any phone (iOS – iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Phone etc).
Below is the feature comparison between Notezilla & Sticky Notes for Windows. You may click individual links in the ‘Features’ column for more details.

Features Sticky Notes for Windows Notezilla
Sticky Note Colors

(6 colors only)

(Any color)

Text Formatting
(Text color, size, alignment etc)

(Only using keyboard shortcuts)

Multiple Fonts
Sticky Note Skins
Reminder Alarms
Hide individual sticky notes
Roll up sticky notes
(Saves desktop space)
Keep sticky note always on top
Attach sticky notes to documents, websites, folders, programs & windows
Search Sticky Notes
Organize Sticky Notes
(Folders to arrange sticky notes in order to avoid desktop clutter)
Insert pictures inside sticky notes
Checklist Sticky Notes
(Each line has a checkbox to mark that task completed)
Print Sticky Notes
Transparent Sticky Notes
Send sticky notes to Contacts
(Any contact across the globe)
Sync sticky notes between Computers
Access sticky notes from iPhone, Android, iPad, Windows Phone & Tablet
Send notes as Email
Notes Browser
(Very handy tool to view, filter & organize notes)
Tags (Labels)
(Assign multiple categories to a single note based on contexts, projects or topics)
Multiple Selection
(Work on multiple notes, drag and drop notes between memoboards)
(Allows you to view sticky notes based on modified date, due date etc)
Locked & Encrypted Sticky Notes
Expire Notes
(Automatically deletes a note at specific time)
Link Files/Folders
(Launch files/folders from sticky notes)
Check spelling in sticky notes
Count characters & words
Create sticky notes in specific desktop area
(Very useful specially in the case of multiple monitors)
Import/Export Sticky Notes
Operating Systems Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
Price Free Free to try

Try Notezilla for free. Download it here. To learn more about Notezilla, click here.

Attaching a sticky note to all pages of a website in Notezilla

Notezilla lets you stick Post-It® like sticky notes to web pages, documents, folders in Windows Explorer or any app window.

Sticking a sticky note to a single web page is pretty straight forward in Notezilla. However, sometimes you may want to have the sticky note always visible for all pages of a website.

Example: You may be doing a research on multiple products sold on a website, like eBay, Amazon etc.

Watch this short video that describes this feature:

For more tutorial videos, check out this page.

Notezilla shows & hides a sticky note based on the title of any window (Internet Browser, Windows Explorer or any program window). When associating a window with a sticky note, you can edit the window title & add wildcard asterisk (*) before the window title, after the window title or on both sides of the title.


To edit a window title, double click on it & add asterisks as per your requirements.

As per the changes shown in above picture, the sticky note will stick to all pages of Amazon.com website.

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