Attaching a sticky note to all pages of a website in Notezilla

Notezilla lets you stick Post-It® like sticky notes to web pages, documents, folders in Windows Explorer or any app window.

Sticking a sticky note to a single web page is pretty straight forward in Notezilla. However, sometimes you may want to have the sticky note always visible for all pages of a website.

Example: You may be doing a research on multiple products sold on a website, like eBay, Amazon etc.

Watch this short video that describes this feature:

For more tutorial videos, check out this page.

Notezilla shows & hides a sticky note based on the title of any window (Internet Browser, Windows Explorer or any program window). When associating a window with a sticky note, you can edit the window title & add wildcard asterisk (*) before the window title, after the window title or on both sides of the title.


To edit a window title, double click on it & add asterisks as per your requirements.

As per the changes shown in above picture, the sticky note will stick to all pages of website.

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