Copywhiz 5 Launched!

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to launch Copywhiz version 5 today :).

Copywhiz Logo

Here is a brief list of features added:

  1. Use shortcut keys in File Explorer (Windows Explorer) to copy & paste files.
  2. Adding files from File Explorer (Windows Explorer) is faster than earlier versoin.
  3. Schedule a file backup using Copywhiz.
  4. Previewing files has gotten more useful.
  5. Working with projects is easier and faster.
  6. Do not keep empty folders feature when copying files.
  7. Ability to create full folder hierarchy.
  8. Ability to create folder structure only (Do not paste files).
  9. Pre-configure file replace rules.
  10. Copy only a subset of selected items for more flexibility.
  11. Skip same type of errors to avoid interruption when copying files.
  12. Auto-rename is quicker in the new version. No rename suffix required.
  13. Taskbar shows your file copy progress.
  14. Easier to add multiple items like multiple folders, multiple file include/exclude rules.

For more details, upgrade instructions and screenshots, check out what’s new in Copywhiz 5

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Thanks a lot for your continued support.