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Access sticky notes from your phone

Notezilla lets you sync your sticky notes with your smartphone, tablet or any other device. Having access to your essential notes anytime is a great feeling indeed! Because it gets your work done faster.

Access your sticky notes using our Android app, iPhone/iPad app or the web app. On Windows Phone, Mac, etc you can use the web app to access your sticky notes.

  • Write quick notes and access them from your phone.
  • Set reminders to sticky notes directly from your phone.
  • Assign tags for faster access and grouping.
  • Create checklist notes. This feature is very productive.
  • Send notes to your contacts using the apps.
  • Encrypt confidential notes on the phone.

Watch a short video (2m 18s) demonstrating this feature.
Synchronize sticky notes & access from iOS, Android, iPhone, iPad, Nokia, Blackberry etc

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Notezilla works on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7. Also available for Android, iPhone/iPad & other devices


Windows | Portable
Android | iPhone

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