Notezilla Web App (Notezilla.Net)

Along with Android & iPhone/iPad apps, we also have a web-app for Notezilla, so that you can access your sticky notes from a Mac or any other system that has an Internet Browser. From any device (like Chromebook, Mac), open the Internet Browser, go to the Notezilla.Net website to access your notes.

The web-app gives the convenience of having access to all your desktop sticky notes (that you created using the Windows version of Notezilla) from anywhere. The reminders that you create on Windows PC will appear in your mailbox :). Sticky notes created using the web-app will automatically sync with your Windows PC.

Below are some screenshots of how the web-app will appear on your device.

Notezilla for Android
Notezilla for iPhone/iPad

Notes List

Edit Note

Note Tags


Set Due Date/Reminder

Filter & Search Notes

Send Note to Contacts



Notezilla.Net is an elegant note & reminder web-app with the following benefits:

  • Quickly jot down your thoughts & to-do lists on colorful sticky notes. It is an enjoyable experience.
  • Search & pick the right note when it is needed the most. It helps you with your busy daily schedule.
  • Set reminder alarms to notify you automatically about your tasks. Complete important stuff on time.
  • Quickly set tags on your notes to group them & locate them faster. Gets you organized with the least effort.
  • Star notes that are most important at the moment. Keeps you focused on your current task.
  • The notes list is simple & very intuitive.
  • Protect sensitive notes with a master password. Secure your notes.
  • Have your notes appear on your Windows desktop as colorful sticky notes using the Notezilla app for Windows.
  • Sync & access your notes from any device (Windows PC, Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Internet Browser etc.)
  • Backup your notes to our secure cloud so that you can restore your notes when you switch to another phone.
  • Send notes & reminders to other Notezilla users, right to their phone or Windows desktop.
Notezilla for Android
Notezilla for iPhone/iPad


Windows | Portable
Android | iPhone

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