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Upgrade to Notezilla 9

Notezilla 9 comes with excellent improvements, features, looks and ease of use. Learn what's new in Notezilla 9.

If you have an active subscription for Notezilla already, then you don't have to pay for the upgrade. Directly download Notezilla 9 for Windows and use your existing order number to activate the license. To check if you have an active subscription, sign into this page using your Notezilla sync account email address and password.

Fill the below form if you don't have an active subscription or you had purchased the "One time payment" plan. The plans are explained on the order page.

The upgrade price is only $19.95.

The new version will automatically uninstall the previous version and migrate your notes data.


Success! We have emailed you the upgrade instructions.

Sorry. We could not find your email address in our records.

If you have registered using an old email address which is currently not in use, then you may send us your name and registered home/office address using the 'Contact Us' form. We will verify your name and address and send upgrade instructions.

Customer Reviews

Simply continue your work as you do - great support, nice helping tools for a really affordable price.

Michael Bergmann

You have an excellent product here and a really good Support Team


Thank you so much for your very prompt response. Another compelling reason to purchase Notezilla!


Thanks for your very fast and very thorough response. You should package up your customer service/tech service best practices and sell them to other companies.

Molly Erickson

Thank you so much for a prompt and honorable response. Besides having a good product; you are a good company. I will tell anyone who will listen

Victor Krisman

I have loved all ConceptWorld software. Superior stuff.

Toni McConnel

Your support service is extremely fast and (It looks to be) very helpful. Many software companies should take note on this kind of support. Excellent!

Albert Carbo

Damn you're fast! I might have to purchase it just to acknowledge your amazing response time. :-)

Jim McGowan

The tech support for this product is better than the tech support for my computer!! I'm recommending everyone I know to get this product.

Michelle Rodgers

Thank you very much for your immediate respond and the wonderful customer service you offer. I am proud to be your customer indeed.

Yehia El Araby

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