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This app (Notezilla) beats many other note making prgms such as Evernote, ONENOTE, KEEP, by is simpler to use, easier to manage, much more intuitive and very versatile. I am stunned!

Richard Szpin

I have just discovered Notezilla. This is the sticky notes app I have been searching for my entire life!! It's amazing. Waaaaay better than Microsoft Sticky notes. Thank you so much for such a useful and functional app!


A BIG THANK YOU for making Notezilla available to the world. Once I downloaded Notezilla I soon discovered it was perfect for my needs and filled in some significant gaps in my productivity. Continue to be amazing.


Congratulations!! You have excelled in your creation. I stumbled upon Notezilla and have to tell you- it is exactly what I have been looking for. It's exceptional. The ability to add notes to folders and files??! Come on now- that's almost the whole point of the real world Post-it note!! Fabulous work


I LOVE Notezilla! You did a great job developing it. I've used sticky notes on my Windows desktop before, but I kind of lost interest because they didn't offer enough variety in color and appearance. The biggest advantage, though, is being able to sync the notes between my desktop, iPhone and iPad. That makes my life easier, which makes me very happy!

Diana Ewing

I did the desktop version first and love having the notes I need at my fingertips all the time. This has replaced both Wunderlist and Keep for me.

Doug Murray

You can glue notes to ANYTHING.. its crazy... websites, folders, all kinds of stuff! And it is SOOO helpful! I highly recommend it (Notezilla).. I have tried them all and this is THE BEST!

Edna Jones

I have tested dozens (at least 20, possibly 30) note applications from EverNote and OneNote, to Note Everything, SimpleNote, ColorNote, Zoho Notebook, etc. And of all these, NoteZilla is the ONLY program that was able to accomplish the simple task I was seeking.

Geoff C

I am totally in love with Notezilla! I do have it downloaded on all my computers, and on my phone as well...out of all the tools available (one note, reminders in Office, Tasks, etc.), this is finally the one that is working really, really well for me.

Victoria Livingston

Notezilla notes can stick to the desktop, stay on top of other windows so I find it more useful than Stickies, Keep, OneNote.


Your software (Notezilla) is so many time better than any post it software (I had try a lot). Very simple to use, sync really work, Android side is wonderful, Price is just at the limit but for this quality it's fine.

Sylvain Bissonnette

As a user of many note apps, all of which are quite useless, including the notes app in Outlook, I have found the true winner in Notezilla. Not only does it sync across all of my devices but has tremendous capabilities which are far superior than anything else out there! Great job!

Avid Dataviz Fan

Great piece of software (Notezilla) replacing the way too heavy Evernote. The latest update is a major improvement and makes this the perfect companion to the desktop solution. Look and feel now very practical, synching works now without glitches. And fast and great support, the folks react fast to questions and suggestions.

Baloo Tom

Finally I think I found the Notes program I was looking for. That synchronizes well in PC and android phone! I have tried many others but no one worked like Notezilla. I was using Microsoft OneNote, which is a good program but too heavy for the majority of my small notes.

Eduardo Zamboni

Notezilla is absolutely magical! My PC, tablet and phone are updated on a matter of seconds and I can read and write new sticky notes on all my devices. This is a nice little program that everyone can benefit from.

Karl G Brandtzæg

Although I have used a number of "sticky-notes"-type programs in the past, none have allowed me to have the synchronizing capabilities between and among various laptops, desktops, and mobile devices. Notezilla, as a standalone application, is useful. However, its synchronizationality empowers me by an order of magnitude.

Steve Watkins

"Notezilla is my most-trusted, most essential software and I was lost without it. And now, thanks to your excellent and patient technical support, I am found!"

Murray Dundas

Awesome. I love and use Notezilla on a daily basis. Best post-it note software I've come across. I love the note boards so I don't have to clutter up my desk top unless I want to!

Angela Nussberger

Your works are so impressive... I will definitely recommend Notezilla to my friends. So many people are asking about the cool sticky memos on my monitor and they love it!


I congratulate you on creating this wonderful piece of work Notezilla. I am now addicted to the desktop version. Wish you the very best.

Chandradeep Sen

Notezilla is such an amazing gift! It brings so much relief to know that important information won't go unfinished and forgotten in the midst of everything else happening in your life, especially when so many things can be unexpected or unpredictable. Again, I can't thank you enough for creating this software, and for all of the wonderful features it has within it.


This is the Best Product Ever!!! Saves me $20 bucks a week easily by not having to buy Post it notes. Works great on my network with zero errors.

William Rucker

So far Im in love with Notezilla. I started with evernotes, but neither those nor windows notes could not keep sticky notes always on top - and Notezilla delivered!!.

Kristina Kryundal

I have nothing but praise for Notezilla --- the product and its prompt, always-reliable support. I rely on Notezilla frequently each and every day. Without it, my "work" would be much more difficult and time consuming. The ability to have ongoing notes, functional and available on display while using other apps is absolutely essential for me.

Teri-Sue Thompson

Notezilla is simply awesome! And I am one of your "happiest campers". What a "time saver" your system has been for me. I've been using the software sometime now and have found it to be intuitive enough that I haven't had to refer to your help menu until now.

Will Smith

Notezilla leads the pack as the best desktop sticky note program

Rui Belo

Notezilla is a fabulous program for keeping me organized and the ability to share between devices, especially my phone and tablet is very helpful. I am a thoroughly satisfied and loyal customer.

Gerald Reinke

It (Notezilla) is simply the best sticky notes program and I have become quite attached to it. thanks for making it!!

Louie Rudolf

An awesome program that creates sticky notes that you can stick to an address so that you never see the note unless it pertains to that address. give this one 7 stars out of five.

Doug Olinger

I am blown away at how easy it is to add sticky notes to any screen I have open . This is the most helpful tool ever.

Norman Belanger

Notezilla is definitely the best quick notes software I found on the market these past few years. This is a really great tool, easy to use and increasing a lot my productivity


As a brazilian user, that this is the best note app I ever used. The functionalities are amazing, and of course, this is not the only thing that is amazing. The support is also the best I've ever seen for a software.

Júlio Cézar Marin

I am super-impressed with all of the features you have. This is the application I've been dying for years to have, and probably should have found years ago!

Cody Hallet

I love Notezilla. Superb utility program. I was a former 3M post-it note software user and your product is a major upgrade to that.

Marc Thomas

I use Notezilla for everything! I had an expensive planner that I really didn't use enough of to renew it; then I tried OneNote which was a total pain. Notezilla is perfect for what I want. Thanks!

Darlene Littlejohn

It (Notezilla) has more features than any other similiar program on the market. It's far above all the others, and believe me, I've tried them all

Patrick Mangner

It (Notezilla) has made a huge change in how I work, and to my life, and for the better. I am so much more organized now.

Jabeen Bhatti

Notezilla – the Rolls Royce of sticky note programs, I literally tested EVERY competing product. Thank you very much, for giving the world this truly amazing program.

Chuck C

Awesome product, Simply awesome. Post-IT, can’t touch it. My personal productivity is soaring. There’s nothing else like it. And I know, because I’ve done my “homework”.

Will Smith

I got everything downloaded on both computers and it syncs perfectly. I also am able to access it on my IPAD. I absolutely LOVE this program. It has cleaned up my desk and helped in my organization

Karmajo Hill

So far, the software is the best note app that I have tested. It is simple and easy to use, and at the same time very useful.

Fernando Espinoza

Thank you, and please know Notezilla is the best sticky program

Michael Spencer

Notezilla is definite the most efficient program for recording and organizing just about anything that I need to do.

Bill Dingwell

WOW! I have to say Notezilla is so far superior to any other digital notes I have ever used.

Barb Basel

great work, people, gets better all the time. Notezilla is one of my top five productivity tools.

Toni Mcconnel

I am really thrilled with Notezilla and I use it every day. The features and abilities that your program has is terrific and really fits my day to day needs.

Mark Munza

I'm pleased to say that Notezilla is up and running on my two iPhones, my iPad and my Windows computer. It's a great system and I'm already finding it very useful in my day to day life. Considering I'm 74 years of age that's not bad is it! Thanks so much for creating Notezilla - it's a useful and fun to use way of keeping organized

Helen Spiers

Notezilla is a non-obtrusive, easy to use, note taker and holder of information. It doesn’t replace my use of EverNote, MyInfo, or WhizFolders. It fills a specific niche more easily and rapidly than any of the other programs I use. At the earliest stage of writing I use Notezilla because it’s very simple, non-distracting, and fast. Using it this way enables me to work through writer’s block.

Daly de Gagne

Can't recommend this app highly enough! I've tested more sticky note programs than I can count, and none of them compare to Notezilla. The program is lightweight, quick to load and works flawlessly. The feature list is amazing, your notes can be formatted many different ways, lot of versatile keyboard shortcuts are included, and the app provides a huge array of different functions including: hide, reveal and organize notes as needed; password protect notes; set reminders; and you can pin your notes anywhere! (files, folders, web pages, etc.) Best of all, you can adapt your use of the program to meet your needs. I use the notes for checklists, to do lists, project planning, travel planning, brainstorming, writing draft messages, capturing info while I'm browsing, taking notes during webinars, etc. It is well worth paying the full price. Highly recommended!

Metta Zetty

I already rate it as the best program for making quick notes for modern Windows systems

Peter T

This is a really cool "sticky" note program! There are so many things you can do with this that you can't do with windows sticky notes.

Carla Power

Notezilla is awesome and full of useful features. What I like best is the ability to attach notes to any Windows applications, including web pages and MS office documents. Five stars all the way!

Pitak P

I'm more than happy with your current product (Notezilla), it has replaced Toodledo & GTasks. And your support is phenomenal!

Tim Willsher

Notezilla has become more a knowledge base software (very useful) than even evernote. I still use evernote to archive stuff like with file attachments, but Notezilla is much faster and some features more useful than EN.

PG Carr

My goodness but NOTEZILLA sure is a company of class and quality. Good little program that really displaced all my other notes programs.

Richard Szpin

I just upgraded to the new version 8 of Notezilla and I really like it so far. Notezilla has always been like my best friend, I use it everyday and couldn't live without it.

Matthew Somerville

I believe you have very exciting product (Notezilla) and it offers a tremendous amount of flexibility to writers and enterepreneurs, or anyone who wants to become more effective, whether it be in business, or in just living life.

Tony M

Notezilla has been a huge help getting me through my work day - due to this application I,be been able to be much more responsive to my customers and more efficient allowing me to handle more with out extending myself.

Eugene Ward

I have found Notezilla to be brilliant – I think the best value for money programme going around! I love it - the best programme I ever downloaded from the net!

David Hooper

I LOVE Notezilla and have used it for many years. I believe I have "grown up" with your wonderful product! Thank you so much!

Brigette Bone

Great product and Great people to work with!! Could not ask for anything more.

Tom Carey

I purchased notezilla a while back and I use it just about everyday. It's by far the most outstanding "post it" notes EVER made.

Javier Gil

I just purchased the license for Notezilla, which I think is an awesome program. I have used the 3M post-it software on and off over the past 10 years an this blows it away.

Doug Smith

You have a GREAT product. I just wasted $10 dollars on Post-It notes...Notezilla is easy to use, fast, and filled with features.


The windows version of sticky notes with windows 7 kept bogging my computer down, but this program hasnt done it at all plus its way better, but it better be for the price. final say: i love it


Without a doubt, out of everything out there for desktop notes, you're product is perfection. Perfect in every way that a desktop note should help and support a busy person being more productive.

Kris Campbell

NoteZilla software is really amazing. I haven't seen such intuitive, easy and fast software in a while.

Manasi Hukku

NoteZilla is a true, bonafide killer of a program; the best sticky notes program on the market IMO


Notezilla is by far the best product of its kind. I’ve tried them all. Recent X is what a busy multi-tasking person prays for.

Tom Crone

I loved this product. It's user friendly, multi-functional, colorful - and you don't need a degree to figure out how to use it. This product was a delight to try out! This is one program I don't mind saving up my money to purchase, as you can stick the notes anywhere!


I very rarely respond on the first trial of a piece of software. But, this is the best I have seen in some time. I used 3m's psnotes old version for years and was really disappointed in their replacement.Thanks for the great work.


Have either purchased a license for or have used all four of Conceptworld's programs. I would recommend any one of them highly. They are handsome, efficient, easy to use, and the developer is helpful and responsive.


I've owned QNP then later NoteZilla. I've recently started using RecentX and PikySuite. All of these are fabulous programs that save me much time when dealing with files and folders inside of a multi-layered hierarchy. I hope ConceptWorld keeps developing these concepts. These are things that should be native to the operating system.

Coleman K D

Thanks for a superb sticky note program. I have compared it to others and found it at the top

Mansoor Khan

I love Notezilla. It's been a favorite of mine for years and I'm now using it even more

Tony Muchina

Absolutely AWESOME! Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful program. I have tried sooooo many others before I finally found NoteZilla. It is THE BEST!

Brigitte Bone

I consider it the best post-it program I've found on Internet

Rosa Fastelli

I just absolutely could not live without this program, it so keeps me organized and on top of my everyday to important tasks


I have loved all ConceptWorld software. Superior stuff.

Toni McConnel

I Love Love Love my NoteZilla. I don't know what I ever did before without it

Connie Williams

I had used Post Its electronic notes for years and had tested other shareware and freeware but NoteZilla appears to be the best choice for a 64 bit Vista system

Ron Kollman

I have both NoteZilla and RecentX. Nothing but classy programs from this company


I used 3M's notes for many years, until NoteZilla came along. NoteZilla is definitely better and I have never had a problem with it


This is a must have! I use it all the time and specially love the capability to stick notes to Windows

Diego F

I've never been much for sticky note applications partly because I like my desktop clean and uncluttered. However, I tried this out a while back after reading about its capabilities on the Concept World website. I purchased it after having it on my system for two days. Now, I would hate to be without it

K. Hamblin

I cannot live without water, chocolate, and Notezilla ... you can't possibly be sufficiently proud of your achievement........

Bill Glass

I continue to marvel at how useful NoteZilla has been for me, and I commend you for a great product

Dennis Kelley

First, let me say that I love it and I am very happy with it. It is well designed, very user friendly and has a lot of very useful features

Paolo Bucci

Spectacular product. I've tried three similar products in the past - including the "name brand" version you'd expect to be the best - and I can truly say that none compare. The ease of editing and organizing is the best I've ever seen. NoteZilla has become an indispensible part of my workflow

Rob Craig

I have been a user of Post-It notes (PIN) software for about 7 years and just found your product and absolutely looooovvvvveeeeee it! Way better than PIN!!!!!!


Got it, love it, don't know how I lived without it

Dava Behrens

I spent the last three days comparing all sticky note products. Yours is by far the best


So far-- 2 days-- I love Notezilla. I have used StickyNote for years and even beta tested a couple versions for them. I thought it was a great program until I spotted Notezilla during a Google search

Gary Mickelson

This is one of the clevermost apps I've seen. Very handy, very versatile, very useful all round. Your file handling is good and the features extensive. It really works like a little office note pack. Immediate and handy.

Chris Kirsten

I have used a lot of different sticky notes over the years and I finally quit because I couldn't fine a program that satisfied me. Until now, NoteZilla is great, I really like it

John Connor

I'm new to NoteZilla, and I want to tell you how much I like this program. I had been using Post-It Digital Notes for a long time on my old computer, which had XP Pro on it. I liked the program very much.

Harry Parker

I love your Notezilla program, it's the best one on the market that I've found

James Watson

What a FABULOUS program! I am in the trial period and WOW! I'm lovin it!  I am trying to stay organized and I brought several different color sticky note pads and pens and pencils to my bed-desk. I had sticky notes EVERYWHERE! and I admit, that wasn't helping me stay organized. I had to look through a stack of notes when I was searching for something.


Best program I've found. period. I should know I've tried hundreds over the years. After a month I stop using them. Yours is the exception


I am very satisfy about the NoteZilla. It is marvelous. I have the 5.0 QuickNote and it was about time that you did something new (ahahah), but finally, I am happy that you take times because the product is PERFECT.

Lise Rose

I have QuickNotes/NoteZilla to be so useful that I can't function on a computer without it

Dennis Kelley

The difference between Notezilla and EVERY other 'sticky note' program I've ever tried is just staggering. It's SOOOO much better, there's just no comparison

Bill Glass

I can go on and on how great this little program is ... I tried 5 different sticky note programs (including Cute Reminder) and I think this one is the best and worth the price compared to Cute Reminder.


I really love the app - it's the best sticky note program I've found for me, and I've tried many!


The BEST sticky note portable application. This is an absolutely amazing software. I have tried and own many similar products but NoteZilla is the only one that can stand on its own on a USB medium.

John Anchan

I have used a different post it note product for over 7 years, on a daily basis at home and work, but I got the impression that the developers had pretty much abandoned it, possibly believing that it could not be improved. Your product proves that it can.

Andrew Vevers

Let me start by saying "I love this program". I have wanted a sticky note program for years. Although I had never done an extensive search or review for one, I had tried a number of them over the years and never left one on my computer for more than a few days. NoteZilla, on the other hand, was love at first sight

Ken R

I think NoteZilla is a huge improvement over QN+. My congratulations on a wonderful product!


I must say I am very impressed with NoteZilla. As well as being extremely useful and practical it is a joy to use. You really have a knack for knowing what the customer wants and getting it right.

John Sparkes

I knew about your NoteZilla from the Yahoo GTD Group. I have tried it for a while and I liked it very much: it gives me the perfect freedom of choice I want. And it´s powerful and simple!

Luiz Carlos

Really loving the new version - it is fun to work with and very functional

Dave Porter

I love Notezilla!! The skins available are great


Overall, I am truly impressed by both applications. Awesome software

John Anchan

Hay I REALLY like it - the improvements are fantastic- I find myself even USING it now!


The program is exceptionally intuitive and well-designed. It's actually fun to use and easy and quick to write a new note or access an existing note.


I've used QNP-5 with pleasure, but I like Notezilla even more, in particular the improved method for retreiving your notes.

Frits Zegers

I upgraded this product this evening and have been playing around with it! I love it! It is very user friendly. I used QNP on a daily basis to help keep myself organized and with NoteZilla, it will be even easier

Retha Turner

I am so excited. Seriously, there are many additions here that will make my life easier on a daily basis, including: the desktop organization system

Kristin Levine

Thanks. I love your product...The program is clean, fast, easy to learn to use... I like the new version (NoteZilla) very much!

Lynne Jacobs

I've been using QNP to keep track of my weekly budget and bills as well as appointments and reminders and I want to thank you again for this terrific program because although I PAID for it it is really PRICELESS


What a great product! I've tried about 10 of your sticky note rivals -- far and away the leader of the pack!

Gautam Patel

This is a very good designed software. Stable and easy to use. I tried approx. 10-15 different sticky notes apps (free and shareware) and this one has the right mix between stability & features (memoboards, beautiful skins!!!!, many hotkeys ...). Highly recommended


QNP 5 rocks! I 've just switched over from another StickyNote (9.0) program. There is no better program when it comes to simplicity, stability, and plain out-and-out wealth of features. It's great to use such a well thought out program. This is definitely going into my top 10 must-have list, which hasn't changed for almost a decade now; welcome QNP5!


Thanks for the continuing hard work and improvements. Good luck with other great new products. I'm glad I bought QuickNotes actually beats 3M's PSNotes. Among other things, it is much better looking than the 3M product.

Aamer Agha

The combination of features is basically unmatched. The "rolling up" feature is great and saves a lot of space on my screen. Also I love that each note can have its own skin and font settings.....the program works perfectly and I couldn't be happier!

Luke Hamburg

The multi colors are not just pretty (I'm an artist so I like the visuals ) they are very helpful too because at a glance I can organize by using the colors for each individual area the note pertains to. (green~financial, peach~goals, etc.... you get the idea) When there put on the memo board they can be arrange, group and prioritize very easily.


The ability to sent notes across a network is extremely useful since I have more than one computer running at different places at the same time. Very highly recommended and well worth the modest cost

Fernando Tonolete

By the way, when my wife saw the post-its on my laptop desktop, she went wild for it and wanted it on our home computer (it’s already there). Thanks again!

Robert Terry

Just downloaded. checking it out. seems to be nice. Thinking of switching to your software from Microsoft's OneNote

Murali Narayanan

A friend of mine is going nuts over QNP and I have determined that the only way her sanity can be saved is by purchasing the program for her. My thanks and congratulations on a great application

Steve Edmiston

I was looking for something like the post-it software but a little bit more advanced... and I tried several equivalent via CNet until I've stumbled upon QNP which met exactly my expectations! I've used it during the whole shareware period, and after that, I was so addicated that I had to buy it :) Congrats! It's a really nice piece of work! I'll post a great review on CNet


I just found QuickNotes under,and found it so interesting... I tried it and then buy it ! as simple as that. It clears my desk of all this post-it we use to have and to loose!

Nathalie Lorand

Quick Notes Plus is a winner. It does exactly what it needs to. I only looked at it for such a short while and it's probably going to stay in my system tray forever. Quick Notes Plus is truly beautifully designed. In the past I paid for TurboNote+, but ended up not really using it. QNP is different, less obtrusive

Marjolein Hoekstra

This program deserves tons of awards. It works so well and is really excellent and perfectly done. I wish all programmers made their programs as good as this

David Narbutas

QNP 5.0 is a solid product. I tested it for a while now. I works well and has good features. The skinnable interface really stands out

Seen Sai Yang

Let me take a second to tell you since I purchased this wonderful little program it has been invaluable to me

Peggie White

Your QuickNotes program is very useful and your customer support has been great

Laurene Holloway

I don't just like it, I love it, a product of a very thoughtful and capable team

George O. Fuhrmann

Seriously, your program has worked great for me ever since I started using it years ago. I be sure and post a review of it in my forums and hopefully get others to start using it! The new version 5 is just awesome as well, with a ton of cool new features, and I love how you keep your program size to a minimum instead of creating huge "bloatware" like a lot of other companies do. Keep up the good work!

Jim Trottier

I tried a number of 'sticky notes' programs and this one is the best


This new version has better looks then previous one. The things that I like most. 1. Sorting by title 2. More memoboards. 3. Sound of alarm. Keep improving this wonderful product. I really enjoy using it

Seyhan Ersoy

I have just purchased your Quick Notes Plus 5.0, and find it very good as I had missed not having such a facility with Windows after having had "sticky notes" in the Macintosh systems environment for many years

Ken Burrows

I've been using QNP for the last few days, and its very good. Congrats!! "Stick to window" with a particular explorer directory is a really cooooool feature.

K S Sreeram, Tachyon

I wish to congratulate you for your very good program. I frankly consider this program as one of my best utilities. And you know, I'm a (formerly) user of the Post It Notes Software from 3M ! Let me tell you I've paid for a lot of shareware program far not so good as this program. Very nice work. Let me know when you make another program


Allow me to congratulate you on a well done job. form the list of programs I have used yours is the Cleanest and best behaving one

Yohai Rabkin

Thanks for your program it's very important. Now you don't have to fill up your monitor edges with the square yellow stickies!! Thank you very much!!!!!!

Roberto Nunez

It seems like a terrific idea and program.... In any case thank you for the opportunity to use it

Nick Meale

Quick Notes Plus is not the same as the Windows notepad which I have been using to store small bits of text and Ural's only to find that Windows stuck them into the last used directory. After a day or two I have to search for them. I have passed it on and was happy to recommend Quick Notes Plus to my friends. Thinking of all the stickups I have found on the edges of my monitor


Your software is amazing. Very useful and very cute

Viju Ranganathan

Thanks for making 'quick notes plus' available to me its a great program

John & Fiona

QNPlus is a very useful program and for me and also for my father it is very helpful.


Your software is great, sure keeps things handy. great work


This is without doubt the best 'sticky note' software (I've tried both freeware and the Post-it Notes original) - and it's better than that.

Rich Marcov

Hi I have your quick notes plus, and I think it beat the other guys hands down! You Did A Wonderful Job! It has more features then anyone would probably ever use

Deanne Zeman

I'm very impressed with the program, Quick Notes Plus, which I found on I've looked at many other notes programs, and yours definitely stands out above nearly all of them

Christian Carrillo, Tenebril

Very few shareware/commercial programs are worth purchasing, but NoteZilla continues to be the best program of its kind


Your program is fantastic. the best i've ever used


You folks have a very good product and GREAT service. Thank you!


After just a few minutes with NoteZilla, it's very clear that it is a powerful, easy-to-use and extremely useful application. This is one that will be very easy to talk about

Neil Hymans

What a FABULOUS program! I am in the trial period and WOW! I'm lovin it!


Notezilla is a VERY good product. I used to use TurboNote and I think that NoteZilla is better - Don Spady

The product is awesome nevertheless. Notezilla - a wow!


I just wanted to say that I've been using Notezilla for a couple of months now and it's become indispensable. It's much more than a postit "me too". I use it for following the Getting Things Done system


NoteZilla is a GREAT program and you guys really are THE BEST!! Keep up the terrific, innovative work! All the best

Wendell Hill

NoteZilla is a great sticky note program. I have used a few freeware alternatives in the past, and most of the time I still resorted to using little scraps of paper or physical stickies when I needed to remember something. NoteZilla has really become my method of choice for those reminders. My desk is cleaner, and I don't forget things as much as I used to


NoteZilla is the ONLY sticky note program I've ever liked well enough to actually use. I'm almost obsessive about keeping my desktop clean (read "nearly empty"), and most of the notes I keep aren't time-sensitive to a degree that would justify keeping them on the desktop.


Great Product, your program has become as integral to my computing experience as a wheel is to a driving experience

Christopher Green

Your products are fantastic. I was originally looking for a notes program that would allow me to send a note to someone over the Internet. But I started looking at RecentX and PikySuite, and I was amazed to find that they gave me functions that I didn’t even know I needed! I deal with a *lot* of files and folders every day, and these products have already saved me a lot of time


This is one of the absolute best apps I have ever used. It has several great features that I didn’t even realize I needed, and the ease of use is wonderful! I am very pleased thus far.

Kristie Falls

Your products are fantastic. I was originally looking for a notes program that would allow me to send a note to someone over the Internet. But I started looking at RecentX and PikySuite, and I was amazed to find that they gave me functions that I didn’t even know I needed! I deal with a *lot* of files and folders every day, and these products have already saved me a lot of time



You have plenty of time to fall in love with this unique calendar program, just as we did


I can vouch that NoteZilla is the finest program of its kind that I've seen


Fabulous! software. I love it, love it, love it...


NoteZilla is the Rolls Royce of electronic sticky notes


Banish sticky-note mess with NoteZilla software

Columbia Tribune

Yes, now you too can be organized. Just stick with it

Active Rain

NoteZilla makes a strong case ... as the virtual sticky notes program most worthy of your attention



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Sticky Notes for Windows 10/11/8/7


Better Sticky Notes App for Windows & Phones

Attach digital sticky notes to anything. Access them from anywhere. Send notes to anyone. Try it free!

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Launcher for Windows 10/11/8/7)


Innovative Launcher & Clipboard Manager for Windows

Makes launching & accessing of files, folders, apps very easy in Windows. You will love it :) Try it free!

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File copy program for Windows 10/11/8/7)


Crazy & Smart File Copy Program for Windows

Have more control when copying files in Windows. Automate complex tasks & save hours. Try it free!

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