Sticky note titles are back in Notezilla 8

Thanks a lot to all the users who emphasized on the importance of sticky note titles.

We just released Notezilla 8.0.14 with the title feature.

You can download it from here.

Watch a short video depicting this feature:

Sticky note with title

Sticky note with title

Also, due to the change in how sticky notes can be stuck to the desktop (from any memoboard) in Notezilla 8, we had removed the ‘Show’ & ‘Hide’ buttons from the Notes Browser. We will be bringing them back also in the next build.

Do keep sending in your questions & feedback. We are listening.

Thanks for all the support and the awesome reviews.

One thought on “Sticky note titles are back in Notezilla 8”

  1. Thanks for bringing this feature back. I was really missing it.

    Keeping the title apart from content is useful. For example:

    – When the first line on the note is too large or not very descriptive.
    – When changing the content of the notes often

    So, thanks again and keep the good work!

    Diego Fernandez
    SEO & Marketing Consulting Services.

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