Windows Sticky Notes App – Notezilla 8 Launched

Hello all,

We are pleased to inform that we launched Notezilla 8 sticky notes app today.

The new version will allow you to sync notes with the Notezilla.Net cloud service. You can access your sticky notes from iPhone, Android, iPad, Windows Phone, Tablet or any other device. Plus it brings several other exciting features.

Sticky notes on Windows desktop

Learn more about Notezilla 8
What’s new in Notezilla 8
Upgrading to the new version

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Conceptworld Team

2 thoughts on “Windows Sticky Notes App – Notezilla 8 Launched”

  1. Before upgrading to v8, I would like to see that it is being actively maintained (unlike v7).

  2. Hello Dr. Guy Simmons,

    v8 took some time to develop because of its cloud sync & phone web-app capabilities. Although we did not release a newer version for a long time, the development was still going on.

    We are very excited about the new version, and will definitely continue to improve it. You can infer from the new modern features added to the new version.


    Gautam Jain

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