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We will soon be launching Notezilla 8 sticky notes app. What’s in the new version? The most significant feature added in the new version is the ability to sync your notes to the cloud and access them from anywhere (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone or any device with a modern Internet browser).

There are several other improvements to the product. Instead of revealing them now, we want you to guess (add comments to this blog post) so that we know what you have been waiting for.

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Thanks for all your support.

5 thoughts on “Launching soon – Notezilla 8”

  1. Well how about that. Just when I’d given up on Notezilla as deadware. My guesses about what will be new…

    – Include all of the features that we have submitted requests for in the past.
    – A website interface ala Evernote
    – Syncing of data to the website, ala Evernote
    – Syncing of data between computers, ala Evernote
    – Outlining capabilities with collapsible outlines
    – Task management capabilities
    – Calendaring function

    With the advent of Evernote, I’ve been using that completely to the exclusion of Notezilla. I’ve got a lot of data in Evernote, so there’s going to have to be some sort of import function.

    Since I’ve made the switch to Evernote, it will take a lot to get me to switch back. I only keep Notezilla running for quick sticky notes and to access all my old data that I am slowly moving to Evernote.

  2. I don’t think there has been one update since I purchased Notezilla years ago. It seems there have been promises of a new version ever since that initial purchase, though. Probably like a lot of customers, I have, for the most part, moved on to Evernote. Therefore, I would probably only find your service to be of increasing usefulness if you allowed integration with Evernote (e.g., syncing with Evernote). Also, syncing with the cloud and having access to data on android mobile devices would be a big plus. I still use your recurring reminders and would like that aspect updated as well. I could see you beefing up your ‘reminders’ capabilities and becoming useful as a ‘To Do’ list replacement. Another feature I use and would like retained is the ability to post notes to websites. Really though, the whole UI is starting to look dated. Here’s hoping you will get that version 8 out of the door soon. Good Luck!

  3. Conceptworld Team says:

    Thanks @Bill & @Dennis for sharing your thoughts. They are extremely helpful.

    Based on the features listed, we hope to please you with the launch of new version.

  4. I’d practically given up too!

    In no order then I list some bugs I hope will be fixed and features I would like to see:

    – in the note browser, *prevent* searching the “Trash” memoboard

    – paste from clipboard in notes browser search box

    – cloud sync of notes across devices

    – if cloud sync is implemented, ability to sync only certain notebooks (e.g. *don’t* sync a notebook called “personal”)

    – smartphone edition?

    – “Empty trash on exit” option

    – Ability to disable all alarms without shutting the application down – to work in a similar way to Ctrl + Shift + O – i.e. where Ctrl + Shift + O toggles the *visibility* of all open notes, this similar feature could toggle the alarms of all notes with reminders, to be enabled/disabled

    – “remove all formatting” option – converts all note’s content to plain text

    – Notes browser – “find and replace” instead of just “find”?

    – option to default a new note’s title to the current date and time?

    – Slider adjustable transparency – 0% to 100% – as opposed to none, low, medium, high

    – Ability to set daily reminders to a time before the current time, but just to ignore that day’s event. For example…. if I create a note at 1pm, but want it to display every day at 12:30pm, NoteZilla will not allow this – you get an error “The reminder time has already passed. Please specify a time in the future”. What might be better is to *allow* the schedule of 12:30pm, but obviously not to alert the user on that same day, as 12:30pm has already passed on that same day. The next alert will be the day after, at 12:30pm.

    – (optional check box) Make a note solid (i.e. remove transparency) when hover over note

    – In the notes browser – a new column – whether it is visible on the desktop or not

    – auto compact database (remove free space from deleted notes after emptying trash)

    Most importantly – I would take NONE of these features if it meant keeping NoteZilla small and fast. No one wants bloatware. Good luck!

  5. Conceptworld Team says:

    Thanks a lot @Andrew.

    You have some really nice suggestions. Most of them are minor changes which we will try to add after we launch Notezilla 8.

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