Copy just the files without their folders in Windows

The new build of Copywhiz that we launched today allows you to copy just the files (without their folders) to a single folder. This feature is useful when you are collecting your favorite pictures or music files from different directories using Copywhiz and wish to copy them all to one directory without their containing directories. Example: On a USB pen drive, etc. Very good for organizing several files together.

Copy only the files without directories

We also have a short video on this feature for you:

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One thought on “Copy just the files without their folders in Windows”

  1. I tried using copywhiz just yesterday. I appreciate its capability to rename files (source or target) before copying them to avoid conflicts.

    May I suggest that you add (rename newer file or older file) in the option and (rename newer and older file putting a suffix to both e.g. _01 and _00).

    In the current build, when there’s conflict in the filename, you can only rename either the source or the target file only.

    Thanks… Hope this option be included in the next build.

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