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This last week I experienced a major computer “crash” and lost everything including my information about my Notezilla application. In the stress of the busy week, I couln’t even remember the NAME of the product or website! I searched and searched the web for “stickie notes”, “desktop notes” etc. Nothing came up that I remembered or that was familar – Sooooo. I tried to download “other” product trial offers.UGH. I tried them and deleted them within a day. They were not intuitive, they werer clumbsy and intrusive. I was almost ready to stop looking when I ran across a website doing “reviews” of desktop notes — there I saw it NOTEZILLA! I now have you back on my desktop. Without a dobut, out of everything out there for desktop notes, you’re product is perfection. Perfect in everyway that a desktop note should help and support a busy person being more productive.

Thanks :)

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  1. Kris is right. I’m a fan too. There is no real competitor to Notezilla. I still sometimes fantasize how wonderful it would be if Notezilla would become available as a MS OneNote 2010 PowerToy, allowing contextually relevant OneNote note pages to pop up docked alongside whatever application currently would have focus. There are other very interesting initiatives being developed that Notezilla in my opinion would fit in with perfectly, such as @Clicktoapp.

    I’d love to see the next incarnation of your app, Gautam.

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