How to make RecentX list files opened using Total Commander

RecentX automatically tracks files & folders opened using Windows Start Menu, Windows Explorer and most other programs. However, it is unable to track files opened using Total Commander.

Thanks to our customer @Lutz who directed us to an online forum post that shows how to make Total Commander work with RecentX. In the past we already posted how to make RecentX work with Directory Open (Dopus).

Basically, you would need to set an AutoHotkey script to run in Total Commander whenever a file/folder is opened from it.

RecentX monitors all items that are added to Windows Recent Documeents list. This is nothing but “\Microsoft\Windows\Recent” folder under AppData. If you open %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent from Windows start menu, you will get to the exact folder.

The following AutoHotkey script achieves this:

Target = %1%
LinkFile := APPDATA . "\Microsoft\Windows\Recent" . SubStr(Target, InStr(Target, "\", 0, 0)) . ".lnk"
FileCreateShortcut, %1%, %LinkFile%
Run, %1%

To make any file type (e.g. “*.pdf”) that you want TC to create shortcuts for in the Windows ‘Recent’ folder run this script, use menu: “Files|Internal Associations” and add the file type. In the input box next to “Open”, put:

"[PathAndFullNameOfAHKScript]" "%1"

Thanks to @9kvD38n6 who posted this in the forum.

Conceptworld launches Questions & Answers site

Hello Customers,

Pleased to announce that we have launched Questions & Answers (QA) site for faster, instant support. This site is similar to Stack Overflow. QA will let you search questions & answers (related to Notezilla, RecentX, Copywhiz etc) that other customers have asked. So there are high chances that you will instantly find your answer without having to send us email and wait for an answer.

Thank you all for your continued support & encouragement :)

RecentX 4 Launched – Launcher & Clipboard History Manager for Windows

We are very happy & excited to launched the new version of our Launcher program for Windows called RecentX 4.

This version has been revamped inside out. We have added very interesting features, plus you will see magical difference in performance, speed & its overall quality.

RecentX - Windows Launcher & Clipboard History Manager
Windows Launcher & Clipboard History Manager

Here are the highlights of the new version:

  1. Access your files, folders, programs, Internet history, bookmarks on your Windows computer within 2-7 seconds.
  2. Remembers recent & favorite items for faster access. Saves a lot of time.
  3. Tags files, folders, programs, websites, bookmarks in Windows.
  4. Integrates with Windows file open/save dialog window to directly jump to your favorite folder.
  5. Remembers all the text & images that you copy to clipboard so that you can directly pick them up when you require them later – Clipboard extender & history manager.
  6. Gives you access to Internet history & bookmarks from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox & Internet Explorer.
  7. Quickly perform file operations (copy, rename etc) without using a file manager like Windows Explorer.

And there is lot more. Learn what’s new in RecentX 4. You can also try RecentX for free.

Thanks you all for your support. :)

In Windows 8/8.1 use a start menu replacement if it is annoying to run programs from the start screen

Every time I try to use Windows 8/8.1, my heart screeches “Give me my start menu back!!!”. I then convince myself that I would get used to the new metro-style tile based programs screen. But this one is really hard. Microsoft has brought back the start button in Windows 8.1. But most of us were expecting the classic start menu too with the start button, as in Windows 7. Clicking on the start button in Windows 8.1 rather shows the tile-based start screen. What’s worse is that it covers the whole screen. Just to launch a program?

We never realized that this was an opportunity for us until last week our customer Carl Lum wrote:

Since moving to a Windows 8 machine, I find I rely on RecentX even more, as it no longer has the same application finder as Win 7 (and using the Win 8 Metro interface on a desktop is extremely annoying)

Wow! RecentX would be so much more useful in Windows 8/8.1 OS. It would completely avoid the tile-based start screen and let you find and launch an app faster because it provides the programs list similar to Windows 7. See the picture below:

RecentX is not just an app launcher. It helps you find & launch files, folders & bookmarks too. There are some really cool advantages of RecentX. I strongly recommend that you read more about it on RecentX’s home page. You can even try it for free to see how it saves loads of manual tedious tasks, time & money.

Thanks :)

New update: RecentX 3.0.16 (Launcher for Windows)

Just released a new update of RecentX (Launcher for Windows) – version 3.0.16. It fixes some bugs & improves the over all experience. The fixes adds more convenience by improving the usability of the product.

Here is the list:

  1. By default, website history is now disabled. We found that this feature is used rarely. Only bookmarks will be listed.
  2. By default, tags bar appear below the find text box to make it more visible & easily accessible.
  3. Pressing F7 to view All or Recent items cleared the keywords from the find text box so the user had to type the keywords again. This has been fixed.
  4. Pressing F5 (to refresh) or F10 (to get details for network items) also cleared the keywords from the find text box so the user had to type the keywords again. This has been fixed.
  5. When changing display resolution or attaching additional display monitor, the sidebar is lost. This as been fixed.
  6. Renamed file was not added to the list. This has been fixed.
  7. Scrollbars in RecentX did not work on Window 8. This has been fixed.
  8. RecentX crashed at a particular point due to corrupted data. This has been fixed.

Download the latest update of RecentX from here.

If you aren’t using RecentX yet, watch this interesting demo video to learn how RecentX Launcher app can really help you being comfort in your daily computing.

RecentX 3 Demo – Launcher for Windows

Demonstrates interesting features of RecentX Launcher for Windows that will help you reduce daily computing stress & make things enjoyable.

Thanks :)

An effective way to deal with low priority tasks

Today I am going to show you a self-invented technique that ensures that you take up & complete those ‘Do-it-later‘ low priority tasks. It has been working really well for me.

At work or home, often we have a list of tasks that we categorize under ‘Do-it-later’. But, just like ‘Tomorrow never comes‘, even ‘Later never comes‘. This is because, you will always have some high-priority tasks precede the low-priority ones.

Unless you add some importance to the task & schedule it for a particular day, you will (almost) always find it getting dragged to the future.

Here is a technique:

STEP 1: List all your ‘Do-it-later‘ tasks in a task-management/note-taking tool. Make sure your tool supports reminders. I am using Notezilla sticky notes app for this purpose.

I added all the tasks to a checklist sticky note in Notezilla & set the note title to ‘Take one task today’. The title needs to be motivating. Don’t set the title to ‘Do it later’ :).
Take one task today - sticky note
STEP 2: Set a recurring reminder on that note so that you are reminded every day or every weekend. That’s it. When setting a reminder, choose that time of the day when you are most likely to pick a less-important task.

Now, when you are reminded, choose any task that you can start on that day. It is not necessary that you complete the task that day. You can just set the momentum by starting it. The important part is that you only have focus on one task at this instance.
The advantage of listing all tasks in a single note is that you have a choice to pick any of the tasks based on the amount of free time you have on that particular day.

This method looks simple but it is very effective. One – All the tasks are listed in a single place, Two – You are forced to pick a task & Three – It gives you the liberty to pick any one task based on your convenience.

Of course, no tool or technology can conquer man’s laziness :). When you are reminded of these tasks every day/weekend, your discipline & commitment will decide the success of this technique.

If you find this article interesting, do share it with others.

Thanks :)

Windows Sticky Notes App – Notezilla 8 Launched

Hello all,

We are pleased to inform that we launched Notezilla 8 sticky notes app today.

The new version will allow you to sync notes with the Notezilla.Net cloud service. You can access your sticky notes from iPhone, Android, iPad, Windows Phone, Tablet or any other device. Plus it brings several other exciting features.

Sticky notes on Windows desktop

Learn more about Notezilla 8
What’s new in Notezilla 8
Upgrading to the new version

Best wishes,
Conceptworld Team

Launching soon – Notezilla 8


We will soon be launching Notezilla 8 sticky notes app. What’s in the new version? The major feature added in the new version is the ability to sync your notes to the cloud and access them from anywhere (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone or any device with a modern Internet browser).

There are several other improvements to the product. Instead of we revealing them now, we want you to guess (add comments to this blog post) so that we know what you have been waiting for.

Also fill up the below form to get notified on launch of Notezilla 8.

Thanks for all your support.

A must have document, folders and website launcher!

Thanks to Lee Garber for his excellent review on RecentX Launcher

A must have document, folders and website launcher!
I have heard much about RecentX and decided to try it. It’s truly a great and time saving program.

Recent X is a fast file launcher. It allows you to open recently used documents, media, folders and websites in a flash. But why use it you ask? Why not open these files and folders manually? The answer is the fortune of time and aggravation you will save using RecentX and the refreshing convenience that comes from use of well designed program.

RecentX puts all your recently used documents, media, folders and websites in an easy accessible and searchable hotkey triggered list for super fast identification and access. The most recently used files, folders, programs and websites get priority.

Want to keep working on a Microsoft Word document you were editing yesterday, last week, last month, and know its name but forgot where you saved it in your tree file structure? Call up Recent X with CTRL+SHIFT+1 and your recently used documents list will be in front of you, type a bit of the file name you are after and in a flash and your document is there, and you can open it and work on it with a minimum of fuss. All I can say is wow! Increased productivity here I come! Also hotkeys are configurable.

The program can also be accessed from the system tray or from clicking on a floating tab panel. Best of all it is not complicated and it is user friendly and intuitive. Microsoft why don’t you design software like this?

Better still you can easily configure it to open folders in any file manager of your choice. You can drag your recently used files right out of Recent X as attachments into e-mail – which is just awesome – it is worth buying for this alone. Recent X even allows you to cut recently used files from your recent files list and you can them paste them to locations of your choice within the folder list of Recent X itself!

You can also list all matching items in searches you conduct so your searches are not limited to recent documents, media, folders and websites only. Also the Windows explorer menu is also accessible while in Recent X.

In short Recent X is a wonderful, well thought out application that will save you a fortune of time, aggravation and money once you use it and you will soon wonder how you ever got by without it.

I strongly recommend you purchase a copy. It will pay for itself in no time!

RecentX and Mac

One of our customers Harold Hauer has shown a way to access both Mac & Windows files from RecentX:

I have been using RecentX for a number of years on my PC. About a year ago, I cloned my PC laptop onto my (new) iMac. I am running Windows XP simultaneously with the Mac OS under VMWare Fusion. When I run in Unity Mode, the Windows windows appear separately as programs are called, within the Mac space. In this Unity Mode, the Recent X bar appears at the top of the desktop, just as in Windows and provides instantaneous access to Windows AND shared Mac folders and files! This program has really simplified working in both operating systems.

Thanks Harold!