Launch any program quickly (Including portable apps) in Windows using RcentX

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This video will guide you how to instantly launch any program in Windows using RecentX.

What is RecentX?
RecentX is a smart launcher for Windows designed to make your computing life joyful. Here are some of the many cool things you can do with RecentX:

  1. Effortlessly access any file, folder or program on Windows in less than 5 seconds!
  2. Assign tags to frequently used files/folders. Makes things even more faster.
  3. Integrates with Windows File open/save window so that you don’t have to to navigate any folder when opening or saving a document.
  4. It has a clipboard manager too that remembers all the text & pictures copied to a clipboard so that you can pick & paste them again.

Check out the various features of RecentX.

One of the features of RecentX is that you can launch any program faster and easier than the Windows start menu & Windows search.

See how you can do this.


  • Open the RecentX window and select the “program” icon.
  • Search for the program in the search bar. You do not have to type the whole name. With just a few letters, the results will quickly display. This is something that the Windows search cannot do
  • Unlike the Windows search, RecentX lists out all the search results and not just the top three or five.
  • Also, Windows cannot find programs from all the places in the system say your hard drive. But RecentX can do this for you.
  • Thus RecentX proves to be more efficient and convenient than Windows.

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