Copywhiz: File copy software with custom behavior settings

Copywhiz is one of the few file copy software that offers more flexibility when copying files by letting you choose which type of files to copy & which to ignore – Selective File Copy. It also helps you skip error pop-ups and copy even on errors.

All these settings are available in the Advanced Settings of Copywhiz.

To access these Advanced Settings, you can directly click on the ‘Advanced Settings’ button from the Copywhiz main window. If you are not in the main window, select files in Copywhiz using File Explorer (Windows Explorer). Then go to the destination folder, right-click inside the folder, choose Copywhiz -> Paste Advanced to open Copywhiz window and click on ‘Advanced Settings.’

Advanced Settings has two tabs:

  • Filter Tab
  • This tab lets you copy or exclude files by their name, type, size, date (created, modified, or accessed) and many more options to customize your file copy.

    Check out our post on this tab for more details:

  • General Tab
  • General file copy settings can be accessed from this tab. You can continue file copy even on errors and without error pop-ups, generate log files, generate a log of files copied and excluded, etc.

    For more information on this tab and options available, check the following post:


    Copywhiz thus enhances your file copy experience in Windows. And what more? You can also schedule automatic file backups and take incremental backups using Copywhiz.

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