What took hours of manual file copying, Copywhiz did it in few minutes

Thanks to our customer Jeffrey Meades for taking time to express his joy for Copywhiz :).

Copywhiz is a simple yet powerful file copying utility for Windows. It lets you selectively copy files based on name, type etc. Plus it has supporting features like copying files without folders, picking files from different folders before copying or compressing them, copying files to multiple folders/computers, auto rename duplicate files, scheduing file backup and many other features. It can save you several hours of manual tedious work.

Here is what Jeffrey Meades wrote:

I just wanted to express to the CopyWhiz team that I am so overjoyed
at this product. For the longest time I have had an issue which would
take hours upon hours of manual fixing to correct, and your product
turned that into a 10 minute job for me.

I had thousands of iPhone photos from a trip a tear back, and just
general back ups over the years, which I ran into issues with. When I
would back up the photos to my computer, and then delete the photos on
my phone, the iPhone would start naming the photos numerically again
from the oldest photo taken.

So as you can understand, when I eventually went to back up the large
amount of new photos, I ran into the issue of having completely
separate images, with identical names. Windows copy and paste only
offers the solution of copying and keeping both, but then I was
running into issues where I was so easily creating duplicates, plus I
had no way to truly organize these duplicated photos because it was
mixing and matching month/year old photos with recent ones.

CopyWhiz solved all of my problems. I can copy all the differing
images with the same name, pasting them to my aggregate folder with a
suffix of my choice to sort by later, and it also allows me to skip
duplicates that are the same filesize.

A product like this deserves it’s praise, so kudos to all of you involved.

You are all the best, keep up the good work, and I’m looking forward
to perusing some of your other products. Take care!

Thanks again :)

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