Notezilla Customer Review: Best app that will help us take control of constantly changing thoughts

Thanks to Bobby Howerton for his fantastic review of Notezilla (Leading sticky notes software for Windows and Phones).

Ok, I am not sure if everyone else is like me in the way that you have so much stuff to remember….sometimes it is hard for me to keep things straight and not forget anything. I am going to do a quick review of an android(and iPhone) app/pc software. It is called Notezilla and it is from the company ConceptWorld. So please read if you would like. I hope that it will help you:

I started using Notezilla, from ConceptWorld, a little over a month ago. Since then, this has been the best app I think I have ever found. Let me tell you why:

1st) I am constantly on the go. I rarely have a pen/pencil and paper to write things or thoughts down, but I always have my Samsung Galaxy S6 Active smartphone. There are so many thoughts that go through my mind of what I need to do later today or tomorrow or next week, for example…I can’t remember them all. Well, that is where Notezilla comes into play and saves the day for me. No matter where I am or what I am doing when something comes to mind that I don’t want to forget, I just open my Notezilla app and tap the + sign to create a note. I can then either type the note in or speak it using my phone’s built-in microphone. I can give the note a title and even change the color. The notes that are created look like the real 3m Post-it notes. After the note is saved, automatically mind you, it is saved in the cloud.

Then when I get home and log into my computer…on the desktop, I see my note that I created on my phone. Now, if this note is something that I want to stay on top of all windows (where I can constantly see it, then I can click the pushpin icon, and it will move to the top or front of all opened windows, browsers, and any other running applications. You can also change the color and opacity of the note in Windows. On the flip side, if I am working on something on my computer and I need to create a note to remind me of something the next day while on a job site, for example, …then all I have to do is create a note in windows and it will automatically show up on my phone.

You can also easily search through all notes either on the computer or the phone. If you reset your phone or computer, don’t worry about all of your notes because they are still there and when you install the app or software and log in…you will find all of your notes. There are so many other features that you get with Notezilla it would be almost impossible to go over everyone right now. But you can follow this link and go to their website, read all of the benefits and features, and try it out for 30 days.

You will be glad you did and wonder why you had not done this in the past. I think that this is the best app and software around that will help us take control of all of the constantly changing thoughts in our everyday lives. Here is the link:

Have a good day.

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