Pinning sticky notes on top of other windows is most important!

This week, Karen from SnickerdoodleDesigns expressed her love for Notezilla sticky notes app and pointed out to us how pinning sticky notes on top of other applications is very important.

Thanks to her for reviewing Notezilla on her blog.

She writes:

One of the important features to me is that you can pin Sticky Notes to your Desktop so that they are “always on top” – for me that means I don’t have to close windows to find the note I am looking for.

When you have a sticky note always on top, you can easily copy/paste contents from the current app to a sticky note. You can refer to important information inside the sticky note while you are working with the program.

She even appreciates Notezilla’s ability to stick specific notes to websites. So when you visit that website, the sticky note pops up automatically. This is highly productive and convenient. You can attach sticky notes to documents and folders too.

And truthfully, if the note is not right there staring me in the face, I’m likely to forget about it! I can add a Sticky Note to a website that I visit – and when I return to the site, the note will still be there. AMAZING!

She adds:

And there is soooo much more! Even so, it’s very simple to use!

Thanks again, Karen :)

We also have a short video on this feature you should check out:

So go ahead and explore more about Notezilla for Windows, iPhone/iPad & Android.

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