Sync bookmarks and history from all major browsers in Windows using RecentX

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This video will tell you how to sync and access Internet bookmarks and history from all the major browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer all in a single place using RecentX.

What is RecentX?

RecentX is a smart launcher for Windows designed to make your computing life joyful. Here are some of the many cool things you can do with RecentX:

  1. Effortlessly access any file, folder or program on Windows in less than 5 seconds!
  2. Assign tags to frequently used files/folders. Makes things even faster.
  3. Integrates with Windows File open/save window so that you don’t have to navigate any folder when opening or saving a document.
  4. It has a clipboard manager too that remembers all the text & pictures copied to a clipboard so that you can quickly pick & paste them again.

Open With Any Browser

An image showing one of the features of RecentX

Check out the various features of RecentX.

RecentX keeps a record of your browser bookmarks and history and lists them out for you. You can also open a bookmark/website in any browser of your choice.

This is how you can do it:


  • Open the “Websites” window of RecentX. All your website history and bookmarks will be listed there.
  • You can even toggle between bookmarks and history by using the F7 button.
  • To understand how this works, let’s first check the bookmarks in your browser(s).
  • Now let’s launch these bookmarks directly from RecentX. Just type a few keywords in the search box, and the bookmarks will be listed. They will be filtered as you keep typing them.
  • To open a website in any browser, right-click on it from the list and select “Open With” and choose the desired browser.
  • To further enhance your browsing experience, you can add tags to websites you frequently visit. This way you can access them easily using the tags assigned.
  • You no longer need to access your Internet browser’s cluttered bookmarks and history menus.

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