Sticky notes on phone’s home screen – Now possible with Notezilla

Happy to announce that now it is possible to stick single sticky note on Android phone’s home screen using the Notezilla app.

What is Notezilla?

Notezilla is a sticky notes app for Windows, Android and iPhone/iPad. Notezilla lets you set reminders to sticky notes, attach sticky notes to documents, websites, organize them in folders, sync notes between devices, send notes to other contacts and a lot more. Learn more about Notezilla –

Earlier versions of Notezilla (for Android) allowed ‘Notes Browser‘ widget to be placed on phone screen. Meaning, you could view list of notes (Recent, Due, Starred etc). With the new, latest version (2.2.3), we have added one more widget called ‘Sticky Note‘. Using this widget you can stick individual sticky note to phone’s home screen.

Here is how your sticky notes would look on your Android phone.

Sticky Notes on Android Phone's Home Screen

Update the Android app today from Play Store.

Explore more about Notezilla –

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