Stick multiple pictures on your Windows desktop using sticky notes

Remember Active Desktop that older versions of Windows supported? I had used Active Desktop mainly to put multiple pictures on desktop.

Unfortunately, newer version of Windows doesn’t support Active Desktop. Luckily, we have Notezilla – The sticky notes app for Windows and Phones.

With Notezilla, you can stick multiple pictures of your choice on your Windows desktop. You can insert pictures that already exist on your PC or just copy pictures from any website and paste them directly into sticky notes.

Notezilla makes sticky notes more useful by providing the facility to insert pictures / images inside them. Not just 1, 2 or 10. You can add as many pictures as you like.

How to stick multiple images on Windows desktop background?

Watch a short video describing this feature:

You can copy pictures from any website and paste them directly into sticky notes. Which means you do not have to download pictures every time to add them into your sticky note.

You can even drag and drop them directly into the note which will create a link to the site from which you copied the picture. Later when you need, you can click on the link and directly go to the place where the picture was.

This is really useful when researching and collecting data on a particular topic. Saving time, efforts and also giving a better view to your normally boring desktop.

To make your Windows Desktop pretty, you can have sticky notes with different pictures in them. It’s fun too. I keep pictures of my loved ones on Windows desktop.

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