Sneak peek #5 – Markdown sticky notes!

Yes, you read it right. Notezilla 9 comes with ‘Markdown’ support. We added this feature to support formatting in our phone apps too. Notezilla’s Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) apps will now support formatted text.

Markdown Sticky Note on Windows Desktop

You would notice several improvements in the new version Notezilla 9 for Windows from the above animation.

  1. Markdown support with bold, italics, strikethrough, underline.
  2. Highlight text inside sticky notes.
  3. Inline checklists / task lists.
  4. New formatting toolbar below the sticky note.
  5. Double click on the sticky note to edit the note.
  6. Insert bullets, numbering and tables inside sticky notes.
  7. (List doesn’t end here… stay tuned for more markdown features)

Do leave your feedback below. Notezilla 9 will be launched by end of this month. Check out Notezilla product page.

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