Notezilla Update- Notezilla 8.0.38!

With new features and enhancement of existing features, we are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of Notezilla.

Presenting to you- Notezilla 8.0.38!

Read the revision history here.

This article is a thorough analysis of everything that’s new, and everything that has changed.

What’s new?

  • Added pictures support in phone apps: Yes, you read that right! Notezilla phone apps support photos now. Upload images to your PC and also sync them. Update or download the latest version of Notezilla from the Play Store or App Store. Make sure to also update the desktop version for this feature to function.
  • Notezilla Troubleshooter: Shoot all your troubles with the new Notezilla Troubleshooter. This tool will allow you to easily backup, restore and also clean up data from Notezilla.
    Notezilla Troubleshooter
  • Easy access to Notes Browser: The Notezilla notes browser can now be accessed by left-clicking or right-clicking on the Notezilla icon. You can also use the Shortcut keys CTRL+SHIFT+U.
  • Auto-lock the sticky notes unlocked: We have also introduced an option in the Notezilla Preferences to auto-lock a sticky note that was unlocked, within 60 seconds of unlocking.
  • Preview content of rolled-up sticky note: You can now hover the mouse over a rolled-up sticky note and it will display the content in a separate tool-tip. This saves your time in accessing content inside a rolled sticky note.
  • Next due date for repeat alarms: If you have added an alarm to a sticky note and set it to repeat at a given time, the reminder window will show when the alarm will repeat next. It makes it much easier to track your reminders.
  • Sync progress bar: The sync window now displays a progress bar against each element being synced, to get better clarity of the sync status.
  • The trash memoboard is now positioned at the end of the memoboards list in the Notes Browser. This will avoid trashing notes if you click on the trash memoboard by mistake.
  • Change the way you print notes: When a Notezilla sticky note is printed, the note creation date will also be printed on the top right.
  • Arranging and editing notes is now easier: We have added the option to arrange notes and edit notes to the ‘View’ menu located at the top left of the Notes Browser.

What’s better?

  1. It is now possible to sort lines in a sticky note in ascending or descending order.
  2. Checklist items can now be sorted so that completed tasks are sent down to the bottom of the list.
  3. A sticky note attached to a website using one browser will also work seamlessly in other major browsers.
  4. Notezilla explicitly shows a success message when a sticky note is sent to trash from the ‘filter’ view.
  5. All this and many more bug fixes.

We hope your Notezilla experience is even more fruitful and productive with this update.

Download Notezilla if you still haven’t. If you are already using Notezilla, just update it from our website and also from the Play Store and App Store for your mobile devices.

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Thank you :)

Happy sticky-noting!

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