Attaching sticky notes to websites, documents, apps & folders on Windows PCs using Notezilla


This video will guide you to attach sticky notes to websites, documents, apps, folders using Notezilla.

What is Notezilla?

Notezilla is a professional, elegant & highly rated sticky notes app for Windows & Phones (Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone etc). It can help you organize your life by keeping all the notes, tasks & reminders that you may need when-ever and where-ever you are.

Attach Sticky Notes To Websites Documents

An image depicting one of the features of Notezilla.

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Just imagine if you could have the right information at right time automatically, without any effort from your side. With Notezilla, you can attach sticky notes to particular document, web page, folder, program, etc, so that they will popup automatically whenever you are working on them.

For more tutorial videos, check out this page.

The shortest way to pin a sticky note to any window (website, doc, folder, program etc) is to press Ctrl+Shift+W from within the sticky note. The note will stick immediately to the active window.


    To stick a note to a website, (same steps apply when sticking notes to documents, folders, programs or any other window).

  1. Open a website.
  2. Choose ‘New Note’ by clicking on the Notezilla icon in the taskbar and write your note.
  3. Click on the top-left button (Note Menu button) of the sticky note and choose ‘Stick To Window’ from the note menu list. A dialog box appears with the list of all the programs running on your system.
  4. Choose the website where you want to stick the note to.
  5. The ‘Hide note otherwise’ option will hide the note automatically if you are not on that particular website.
  6. Now press OK.

The sticky notes are always shown based on the title of the website, however, if you opt to stick note on all the pages of the particular website, use asterisk(*) along with the title.

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