Exclude specific files when copying in Windows using an Xcopy alternative replacement tool

This article will help you have a choice in the files being copied by excluding certain files from being copied . Although this is possible with Windows Xcopy tool, you may not find it as flexible and as user friendly as Copywhiz .

By default, any copy program will copy everything (all the files) from the folder that you specify as the source. But, at times, we would like to filter & include only specific files based on different variables say file name, file extension or directory name. For Ex: Copy only pictures and not videos, only source code files and not object files, all documents except .pdf and so on.

Enhance your file-copy experience with Copywhiz as it let’s you to have more flexibility & more control over the file-copying process. Here is how Copywhiz makes file copying a breeze:

  • Copy only new or modified files
  • Easily pick files by name, extension, folder etc from bunch of folders
  • Copy files to multiple folders/computers
  • Copy files from multiple folders and paste them at once
  • Pick files from multiple folders and compress in single .zip file
  • Schedule file backups
  • Several more hidden nuggets designed to make your file-copy task easier.
  • Using Xcopy

    xcopy Source Destination /EXCLUDE:file1[+file2][+file3]… command lets us to specify a list of files containing strings to be excluded. These strings are not entered directly in the command switch. They are one or more text files that list the strings to be excluded.

    Here is the command that is actually being used:

    xcopy source destination /EXCLUDE:file1[+file2][+file3]… exclude: {path}list_of_exclusions.txt.

    For Ex: To copy files from ‘C:\project’ to the folder ‘c:\backup’, by excluding certain type of files, the following command line will be used:

    xcopy c:\project c:\backup /Exclude: list of excluded files

    However, Xcopy commands are not easy to use. System administrators may be able to use. But Xcopy is not for common users.

    Using Copywhiz:

    Watch a short video depicting this feature:

    To copy only specific type of files in windows from Source folder to the Target folder, follow the steps given below:

    1. Select files using Windows Explorer, right-click on them and choose Copywhiz->Copy from the menu as shown below :

    2. Go to the destination folder, right-click inside the folder and select Copywhiz–>Paste special–>Paste files by name or type as shown below:

    3. The Advanced Settings dialog box will open. You can include or exclude files/folders to be copied by typing their names, file extensions or folder names. You can also preview the list of files that will be copied and files that will be skipped by clicking on the Preview button. After confirming, press the Ok button in the Advanced Settings dialog box. All the required files will be copied successfully.

    Copywhiz lets you to choose which type of files to copy & which to ignore – i.e, it lets you to do ‘Selective File Copy’. Pick only those files that are important & avoid files that are not required (Eg. Files that occupy too much space) with Copywhiz. Easily filter files by name, extension, folder etc from a bunch of folders. Complete big file copy tasks with few clicks & save manual effort with Copywhiz.

    For more tutorial videos, check out this page.

    Learn more about Copywhiz. Download the free trial from here.

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