Notezilla 2.0 for Android is here! Added Widgets support :)

Dear Customers,

Just launched! New version of Notezilla for Android. This version supports widgets! Also the notes list is colorful, notes can be shared with other apps and vice versa. Download today from the Google Play Store. Sync them with your sticky notes on Windows PC. Learn more about Notezilla.

So what’s new in Notezilla 2.0 for Android?

  1. You can now add multiple widgets on your phone’s home screen. Each widget can list notes based on a filter, tag or a folder. Just this feature can boost your productivity.
  2. The notes list shows note color. So now it is easier and faster to pick your sticky note. Color code your sticky notes based on your preferred category.
  3. Share your notes with other apps, right from the notes list.
  4. Create new notes directly in Notezilla using the share option in other apps.
  5. Fixed bugs

Download today – Notezilla for Android from the Google Play Store

Here are the screenshots:Notezilla - Widget on Android

Notezilla - Colorful Notes List

Notezilla - Edit Note

Notezilla - Checklist Notes

Notezilla - Reminder Notes

Notezilla - Widget Settings

Notezilla - Tags

Notezilla - Folders (Memoboards)

Notezilla - App Menu

Notezilla - Send notes to contacts

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