Delete files based on size from whole folder tree in Windows using Copywhiz

This post will explain how to delete files based on their size from several folders (and sub-folders) in Windows.

Why filter files?

You might want to copy only files larger or smaller than a particular size. Filtering them in Windows is tedious and time-consuming. Instead of copying all the files and later deleting the ones not required (both in destination and source folder), you can skip copying them altogether. Also, the files you copied will be deleted immediately from the source, thereby eliminating duplicate files.

Let us look at how this is possible using Copywhiz, a smart file copy program for Windows.

What is Copywhiz?

Enhance your file-copy experience with Copywhiz as it lets you to have more flexibility & more control over the file copying and backup process. Here is how Copywhiz makes file copying a breeze:

  • Copy only new or modified files
  • Easily pick files by name, extension, folder etc from bunch of folders
  • Automatically organize files based on file attributes and metadata
  • Copy files to multiple folders/computers
  • Copy files from multiple folders and paste them at once
  • Sync files between source and destination
  • Pick files from multiple folders and compress in single .zip file
  • Schedule file backups
  • Several more hidden nuggets designed to make your file-copy task easier.

Steps to copy and delete files based on size

Note: Copywhiz allows you to copy/move files based on size. So here, we will move files based on size to another temporary location. This will delete the files based on the size from the source location. After which you can delete the temporary location. That’s all.

1. Right-click on the folder from which files need to be copied and choose Copywhiz–>Copy from the menu as shown below:

2. Go to the destination folder, right-click on it and select Copywhiz–>Paste Advanced. The advanced settings dialogue box will open.

3. Include files/folders to be moved (deleted) by specifying the file size. You can also preview the list of files that will be copied and those that will be skipped by clicking on the ‘Preview’ button. After confirming, press the ‘OK’ button.

4. Back in the Copywhiz main window, select the option “Paste and delete original (move)” and then click on the “Paste Now” button. All the required files will be moved successfully to the destination folder. Now you can delete the destination folder because your goal was to delete from the source folder.


Copy, filter, paste, and delete, all at once. This is how Copywhiz saves your time and efforts to increase productivity in just a few clicks. No need for the Windows File Explorer. Achieve all tasks directly from Copywhiz.

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