10 things you may not know about QNP sticky notes

  • You can use Ctrl+Plus and Ctrl+Minus keys to toggle between your favorite sticky note color. Use these keys from inside a sticky note.
  • You can access the note menu, the title menu, and the format menu using the shortcut keys Alt+N, Alt+T, and Alt+F, respectively.
  • The desktop sticky note can have a rich shadow effect (Only on Windows XP systems or higher) To enable this option, go to General Preferences|Notes tab and choose the button “Shadow and Transparency…”.
  • To immediately attach a sticky note to the current application, press Ctrl+Shift+W from inside the sticky note.
  • QNP can be very useful if you log in to many different websites. Just save the username/password to a sticky note and stick the note to that website. Each time you visit that website, the sticky note will popup with the username/password.
  • You can configure QNP such that the note appears immediately when an alarm activates. Just go to General Preferences|Alarms tab and select the option – “Popup ‘Alarm Due’ window when an alarm activates.” The default behavior is that the note will appear only when you click on the animated clock on the taskbar.
  • To paste the unformatted text inside a note, hold shift when pasting the text. For example, you would press Shift+Ctrl+V instead of Ctrl+V. This feature is especially useful when copying and pasting text from a web site.
  • To create a new note based on a particular skin inside a memoboard, hold “Ctrl” and click on the first button of the memoboard toolbar. Make sure you click on the drop-down arrow of the first button.
  • Can you create hyperlinks to local files/folders in a sticky note? For example, if you have a file “C:\My Documents\My Proposal.doc,” type inside a sticky note. The ‘<' and '> ‘characters are required if the path contains spaces.
  • To shutdown QNP from the command line, just run the following command: “C:\Program Files\Conceptworld\QNPlus\QNPlus.exe”/ShutDown. This feature is useful when you need to automatically backup QNP data files to another folder or when synchronizing QNP data files with another computer.
  • Bonus :) I hope you are aware of the new version of QNP called Notezilla. If you haven’t tried Notezilla, then I strongly suggest that you install it on your computer. All notes from QNP will be imported automatically. Also, Notezilla will install it as a separate program so that you can revert to QNP anytime.

    Check Notezilla here.

    You can see the comparison between Notezilla and QNP on the webpage: https://www.conceptworld.com/QNP/Compare

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