Sending popup message to another computer on Windows

Some people have good working memory & they can remember a lot of things easily when needed, but not all (in fact, most don’t :))! Jog someone’s memory and grab the attention of the user by sending sticky notes as popup messages right on their desktop as they are highly visible & can’t be easily neglected. The best part is that the current activity of the user remains visible and interactive while the pop-up message is displayed. They can do better job than email communications as the popup messages (sticky notes) appear instantly on the recipient’s computer.

Notezilla allows sending a sticky note as an instant popup message which will directly popup on the recipient’s Windows desktop, if she is a Notezilla user too. For better time management one can assign reminders, tags etc to sticky notes and ensure faster action from your co-workers. Groups are supported, i.e, you can send a popup message to a group of computers at once. Yes, that can be wonderful and very useful :)

Watch this short video describing this feature:

To maintain privacy & security, sticky notes are sent internally over local network using the recipient’s computer name or IP address. To ensure that the popup appears directly on desktop, Right click on Notezilla icon, choose Preferences, go to Advanced tab and enable ‘Stick incoming notes directly to desktop. You can also keep the popup on top of all the windows by enabling ‘Stay on top’ option if required.

Here is a post that shows how to send sticky notes to another computer – click here.

Now, you may wonder, what if the other computer is not powered on? Or if the other computer is not on the same network or if the user is at another location (city, country). Notezilla has a solution for this too.

Notezilla has a “Send to Contact” feature that allows you to send notes to anyone using his email address (not computer name). So if the other user is a Notezilla user already, then she will receive the sticky note right on her desktop. If she is not a Notezilla user, she will receive the note as an email.

Here is the post explaining the same – click here.

That’s it. For more tutorial videos, check out this page.

Learn more about Notezilla sticky notes app for Windows, iPhones, Android etc. Download free trial.

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