Watch a folder for changes and automatically organize files in Windows, using Copywhiz

We constantly work with multiple folders for our projects and it is difficult to keep a check on the modifications made in each folder.

What if our folders were automatically monitored and the files automatically organized on a timely basis? Copywhiz file copy and backup app can do that for you!

This post will show how to monitor a particular folder and automatically organize files from that folder, on a regular basis.

Here is a short video that shows how to achieve this:

Video Transcript:

  1. In this video, we will organize files from the downloads folder to the office folder.
  2. Select the Downloads folder, right-click and copy using Copywhiz.
  3. Go to the destination folder, right-click and choose Copywhiz Paste Advanced.
  4. The Copywhiz main window will open. Click on the Advanced Settings button.
  5. In the Destination Tab, choose the option ‘Organize files inside folders based on name, type, date, etc.’
  6. Click on the Organizer button.
  7. Under the file property section, choose ‘File Extension’ from the drop-down. This will create separate folders based on the various types of files.
  8. Click on OK.
  9. Since we are organizing files, we will move the files instead of copying them. To do this, choose the option ‘Paste & delete original (move)’.
  10. Paste the files.
  11. Check the Downloads folder and you will find it empty. This is because we moved files instead of just copying them.
  12. To repeat this action automatically at regular intervals, we will schedule the Copywhiz project.
  13. But first, we need to save the project.
  14. Click on File-> Save As in the top-left corner of the Copywhiz main window.
  15. Once the project is saved, click on ‘Paste Later( Schedule).’
  16. Select the backup frequency and other options based on your preference.
  17. Schedule this project and it will now perform the action automatically at the time specified!

Who could imagine that you could automatically organize hundreds of files in your system with so much ease! Well, Copywhiz did.

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