Sending a sticky note from Notezilla to Evernote

Often, we find that a single tool does not meet all our needs. One software tool may seem to be a competitor to another. But we may need both of them at different times to serve different purposes.

Notezilla & Evernote fall in such category. For taking quick notes on 3M Post-It(r) like sticky notes, setting reminders, letting them stay on Windows desktop for quick reference, attaching sticky notes to websites, documents, folders, emails etc Notezilla is a better choice. For creating notes with heavier content (media etc), Evernote may be a preferred. Both tools may be compared at different levels. However, this is not the point of this post.

Notezilla - Sticky Notes for Windows & Phone

This article mainly focuses on how to send a sticky note to Evernote from within Notezilla.

It is simple. Notezilla allows you send a note to another contact using his/her email address. Evernote gives every user a unique email address. You have to add a contact in Notezilla having Evernote’s email address and send notes to this contact.

Thanks to Kevin, who shared this use case with us:

I really like Notezilla 8 and! I use Evernote and collect massive amounts of information for my work, I use Zendone for my taks and project management. Zendone has the best evernote integration I have found and for me works really well. The one thing I have always had one challenge and that’s getting a quick piece on information, not or task into Evernote. The Notezilla 8 email feature was my answer, I just setup a contact for (“notebook”, Evernote, “evernote email address”) and it worked perfectly. This will allow me to uninstall at least 2 other programs of a much lesser functionality. Really great work. It would be nice though to select how what or how much of the graphics will be sent with the note. Since, I’m actually sending it to one of my own programs, I don’t need the fancy graphics. Notezilla 8 and will be one of the best purchases I have made in a while. Thanks again,

I hope you now know how to make it work.

Thanks :)

2 thoughts on “Sending a sticky note from Notezilla to Evernote”

  1. How is using notezilla for a quicknote and then emailing it and having to assign it etc later when you could just click new note in evernote in your desired notebook with whatever tags – or in zendone using the quickpost bar at the top of the page?

    Not critical just curious at the advantages of what seems to be a more complex workflow .


  2. Hi d,

    Users do not find the desktop version of Evernote very appealing. It is also heavy on resources. More important, it does not provide the convenience of sticky notes. So some of our customers prefer to create notes in Notezilla (for its simplicity) & post/archive them in Evernote.

    Thanks for asking.

    Gautam Jain

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