Internet Banking: Easily remember bank account numbers & passwords of family members

As you know, Internet banking websites do not let browsers to store the bank account numbers (or customer ids) and passwords on a local machine.

Each time, we need to type the complete customer id and password manually. It becomes complicated when we have to access multiple bank accounts.

How to solve this?

To easily access any bank information, I attach a sticky note (using Notezilla) on the bank’s website with all the required bank information from multiple accounts. Whenever I access the bank’s website, the sticky note pops up. This is very, very convenient. I copy the required info from the sticky note and paste it into the sign-in form.

Sticky note on bank website

Security concerns? The information inside a sticky note is stored locally on your system. It does not travel through the Internet even when you stick the note to the website. So you don’t have to worry about it at all.

Password Hints: Moreover, bank sites require you to change the password every few days. It is tough to remember the last password you had set. So I add password hints also into the sticky note for each account. Make sure your password hints are not very obvious :)

You may obscure the information in the sticky note to your satisfaction. Additionally, you can even lock the sticky note using Notezilla so that the data is encrypted on the local machine too.

Here is a video depicting this feature:

Learn more about Notezilla sticky notes program for Windows & Phones.

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