Importing QNP sticky notes in to NoteZilla

Whenever you install Notezilla over an existing copy of QNP, it automatically imports all the notes. As a side note, remember that Notezilla installs as a separate product. So you can easily try out Notezilla if it suits your needs. If not, you can continue to use QNP (the data remains intact).

In some cases, you may have to import QNP notes into Notezilla manually.

Please follow the below steps to import all the notes from QNP to Notezilla.

  1. Go to Notezilla’s data folder and delete all the files and folders (To know the exact data folder, go to Advanced->Preferences (Advanced Tab) in Notezilla’s Notes Browser). WARNING: By deleting the files and folders, you will be losing all the notes that you created in Notezilla. We hope that you have just installed Notezilla and haven’t created any imported notes. If you have some important notes in Notezilla, then you may export them to separate the “Notezilla Database File” using the File->Export feature. Once you have exported this file, we will import it again in step 4.
  2. Copy all the QNP data files, including “GlobalSettings.qxml” file to the Notezilla’s data folder. Typically, QNP data files may be found under “My Documents\My Notes” folder.
  3. Launch Notezilla. It should import all the QNP notes.
  4. Note go to File->Import in Notezilla Notes Browser and import the files that you exported in step 4.

2 thoughts on “Importing QNP sticky notes in to NoteZilla”

  1. I just got a new computer and registered Notezilla. I have been using Quick Notes on the old one.

    Onto my new computer I copied across all my Quick Notes files but when I run Notezilla they are not there.

    I also tried installing Notezilla on the old computer and copying the files into the Notezilla folder and again they don’t appear.

    What am I missing?



  2. Hello Derek,

    Please send us the list of files that you have from Quick Notes Plus. Also, where exactly is Notezilla storing its data.

    To know where Notezilla stores the data, go to Notezilla’s Preferences and click on the Advanced tab. To access Notezilla’s Preferences, right click on Notezilla icon and choose Preferences from the menu. Copy the whole path and open it from Windows start menu.

    Email us: support-at-conceptworld-dot-com


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