Checklist Sticky Notes in Notezilla

Notezilla has a cool ability to represent a sticky note as a checklist. Each line in a sticky note begins with a checkbox that you can tick off.


Watch a short video describing this feature:

For more tutorial videos, check out this page.

To enable this feature just right click inside a sticky note and choose Bullets & Numbering->Checklist from the menu.

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6 thoughts on “Checklist Sticky Notes in Notezilla”

  1. The addition of the checklist feature was a truly OUTSTANDING development, and has made Notezilla a much more useful tool for me. Currently, when I check an item off, the text is italicized. Would it be possible to have the text struck-through, also (or instead of italicizing)?

  2. Thanks Dennis,

    We decided on italicized text because we observed that a struck-through text was much less readable and caused stress on eyes and brain.

    Feel free to educate us if we are missing something.

  3. Personally, I find that struck-thru text is less distracting than italicized text, since italics are often used to highlight text. Currently I go back and strike thru the text, anyway, since the strike-thru is an automatic mental jog to ignore. My opinion is that it is a poor use of italics to identify something as completed. It would be nice to have the option of selecting a personal preference as to marking a checked item.

  4. Another thing that would be nice is if the checked off items became grayed out so that as one looks down the list the difference between checked off items and those not checked off was more striking.

  5. I’m missing option where ticked off items would be hidden – disappear as you tick them off.

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