Automatically launch a program at specified time

Today I want to highlight a feature of Notezilla (Windows sticky notes app) that many users may not be using it, or may not be aware of it.

When setting a reminder alarm on a sticky note in Notezilla, you can actually configure the reminder to run a particular program, launch a website or open a document automatically. You can also repeat it at specified interval.

This can be really useful if you regularly run a particular program (backup weekly etc), check some data on a website etc. You can automate this by telling Notezilla to run that program/website/document at a specific time.

Here is are the steps:

Step 1: Go to ‘Set Due Date’ window


Sticky Notes (Options Menu)

Step 2: Click on Advanced tab inside the ‘Set Due Date’ window & specify the location of program/website/document


Sticky Notes Reminder (Advanced Tab)

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