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Jul 25 16

Sending popup message to another computer on Windows

by Gautam Jain (Conceptworld)


Some people have good working memory & they can remember a lot of things easily when needed, but not all (in fact, most don’t :))! Jog someone’s memory and grab the attention of the user by sending sticky notes as popup messages right on their desktop as they are highly visible & can’t be easily neglected. The best part is that the current activity of the user remains visible and interactive while the pop-up message is displayed. They can do better job than email communications as the popup messages (sticky notes) appear instantly on the recipient’s computer.

Notezilla allows sending a sticky note as an instant popup message which will directly popup on the recipient’s Windows desktop, if she is a Notezilla user too. For better time management one can assign reminders, tags etc to sticky notes and ensure faster action from your co-workers. Groups are supported, i.e, you can send a popup message to a group of computers at once. Yes, that can be wonderful and very useful :)

To maintain privacy & security, sticky notes are sent internally over local network using the recipient’s computer name or IP address. To ensure that the popup appears directly on desktop, Right click on Notezilla icon, choose Preferences, go to Advanced tab and enable ‘Stick incoming notes directly to desktop. You can also keep the popup on top of all the windows by enabling ‘Stay on top’ option if required.

Here is a post that shows how to send sticky notes to another computer – click here.

Now, you may wonder, what if the other computer is not powered on? Or if the other computer is not on the same network or if the user is at another location (city, country). Notezilla has a solution for this too.

Notezilla has a “Send to Contact” feature that allows you to send notes to anyone using his email address (not computer name). So if the other user is a Notezilla user already, then she will receive the sticky note right on her desktop. If she is not a Notezilla user, she will receive the note as an email.

Here is the post explaining the same – click here.

That’s it. For more tutorial videos, check out this page.

Learn more about Notezilla sticky notes app for Windows, iPhones, Android etc. Download free trial.

Have a good day. Thanks :)

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Jul 25 16

Show all sticky notes from a memoboard on Windows desktop using Notezilla

by Gautam Jain (Conceptworld)

Manage your work and personal tasks separately and make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. Ensure that only related sticky notes draws your attention when needed the most by showing sticky notes only from a particular memoboard on your Windows desktop.

This post will show you how to show all the stickies from a particular memoboard on your desktop using Notezilla and hide the rest. For ex: Work sticky notes on desktop when you are at work and only personal sticky notes on desktop when you are at home.

To show only specific memoboard sticky notes on your desktop, follow the steps given below:

1. When ever you want to access only your work notes, Go to the Work memoboard in Notes Browser, on the right, in the top list, press Ctrl+A so that all sticky notes are selected, right click on the list and choose ‘Stick to Desktop’.
2. Whenever you wish to access your Personal notes, go to Personal memoboard in the Notes Browser, on the right, in the top list, press Ctrl+A so that all notes get selected, right click on the list and choose ‘Stick to Desktop’.
3. Please note Before this (#2) step, you may need to go to the previously visible memoboard notes, select all notes and choose ‘Remove from desktop’ from the toolbar on top. Use the Notes Browser’s ‘Stick To Desktop’ button on the top toolbar. It will show Remove from desktop option.

Watch a short video that will show you how to stick all memoboard sticky notes on your desktop :

Show all sticky notes from a memoboard on Windows desktop using Notezilla

Learn how to show all sticky notes from a memoboard on Windows desktop using Notezilla

Learn more about Notezilla sticky notes app for Windows, iPhones, Android etc. Download free trial.

Have a good day.Thank you :)

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Jul 21 16

Automatically shut down computer after copying files in Windows

by Gautam Jain (Conceptworld)

Often, copying files (especially backing up files) can take several minutes to several hours. Imagine, it is time to go home and you want to shut down your computer. But you discover that the file backup task is still running. Such situations are not uncommon. Leaving your computer run for the whole night is waste of power. How about automatically shutting down your PC or hibernating it, once your files have been copied successfully?

Yes, Copywhiz can shutdown your computer automatically after the files are copied. It provides multiple shutdown options such as Log off, Restart, Sleep, Hibernate and Shut down.

Here is the screenshot of the window that lets you to configure various shutdown options in Copywhiz:

Automatically shut down computer after copying files in Windows

Do nothing: Completes the file copying process and does nothing.

Log off: Shuts down your user account only. The desktop itself will remain powered on and will revert back to the login screen for the next time you or someone else logs in.

Restart: The computer saves your information to the hard drive, turns off the computer for a moment, then turns it back on again.

Sleep: This uses very little power, your PC starts up faster, and you’re instantly back to where you left off once all the files are copied.

Hibernate: Saves all your open documents and applications both in memory and on your hard disk, and then puts your computer into a low-power state, allowing you to quickly wake the computer and resume your work.

Shut down: Closes all running programs and completely shuts off your machine, once the file-copying process is finished.

Please note that these options can be configured only when the file copy process is in progress. While the files are being copied, click on ‘Pause’ (optional) and then go to Options–>On Completion from the menu. Set any “On Completion” action that needs to be performed after file copy. Click on ‘Resume’ (if you have paused earlier) to continue copying files.

Learn more about Copywhiz. Download free trial now.


Jun 18 16

Attaching sticky notes to PDF documents

by Gautam Jain (Conceptworld)

With Notezilla, you can attach sticky notes to PDF documents. This way you will have the right information at right time automatically, without any effort from your side. The sticky note will popup automatically whenever you access that particular PDF document.
This will help you access related information and accomplish your tasks faster and without added confusion. Moreover, you also have a wildcard (*) to support a sticky note to multiple PDF documents of a single folder.

Attaching a sticky note

To stick a note to any PDF document, right-click on the note title and choose “Stick To Window” option from the menu as shown in the below picture. Alternatively press Ctrl+W from within the sticky note.

A list of all the currently opened windows will be shown which includes Websites, Programs, documents, as shown in the below image:

Select the PDF document to which you wish to attach the sticky note and press OK. The note will be stuck to the particular PDF document.

Note: To directly stick a note to the underlying PDF document, Press Ctrl+Shift+W keys from the note.

This is how it will appear on the PDF document:

Matching only a part of the window title (Wildcards)

Notezilla uses the title of the window to show or hide a particular sticky note. Sometimes, you may want to stick a note to documents of similar kind. In such cases you would need to use the ‘wildcard’ method.

To match only a part of the window title, double click on any window title that is listed (shown in above picture) and prefix or suffix the title with the * wildcard. As per this, the sticky note will appear on all the documents of a particular folder.

To watch a short video on how to attach notes to websites, windows and documents, Click here

Learn more about Notezilla sticky notes app for Windows, iPhones, Android etc. Download free trial.

Have a good day

Thank you :)

May 7 16

Notezilla Price Slashed

by Gautam Jain (Conceptworld)

Dear Customers,

Happy to inform you that we have slashed Notezilla’s yearly subscription renewal fee from $29.95 to just $14.95. You pay $29.95 only for the first year. However, renewals will be charged only $14.95.

Learn more about Notezilla Pricing.

Do share this news with your friends, relatives and co-workers. Help them improve their productivity. They may be interested to purchase Notezilla, now that it is cheaper that earlier.

Wish you the best!

Mar 24 16

Copywhiz 5 Launched!

by Gautam Jain (Conceptworld)

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to launch Copywhiz version 5 today :).

Copywhiz Logo

Here is a brief list of features added:

  1. Use shortcut keys in File Explorer (Windows Explorer) to copy & paste files.
  2. Adding files from File Explorer (Windows Explorer) is faster than earlier versoin.
  3. Schedule a file backup using Copywhiz.
  4. Previewing files has gotten more useful.
  5. Working with projects is easier and faster.
  6. Do not keep empty folders feature when copying files.
  7. Ability to create full folder hierarchy.
  8. Ability to create folder structure only (Do not paste files).
  9. Pre-configure file replace rules.
  10. Copy only a subset of selected items for more flexibility.
  11. Skip same type of errors to avoid interruption when copying files.
  12. Auto-rename is quicker in the new version. No rename suffix required.
  13. Taskbar shows your file copy progress.
  14. Easier to add multiple items like multiple folders, multiple file include/exclude rules.

For more details, upgrade instructions and screenshots, check out what’s new in Copywhiz 5

Thanks a lot for your continued support.

Feb 21 16

How to make RecentX list files opened using Total Commander

by Gautam Jain (Conceptworld)

RecentX automatically tracks files & folders opened using Windows Start Menu, Windows Explorer and most other programs. However, it is unable to track files opened using Total Commander.

Thanks to our customer @Lutz who directed us to an online forum post that shows how to make Total Commander work with RecentX. In the past we already posted how to make RecentX work with Directory Open (Dopus).

Basically, you would need to set an AutoHotkey script to run in Total Commander whenever a file/folder is opened from it.

RecentX monitors all items that are added to Windows Recent Documeents list. This is nothing but “\Microsoft\Windows\Recent” folder under AppData. If you open %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent from Windows start menu, you will get to the exact folder.

The following AutoHotkey script achieves this:

Target = %1%
LinkFile := APPDATA . "\Microsoft\Windows\Recent" . SubStr(Target, InStr(Target, "\", 0, 0)) . ".lnk"
FileCreateShortcut, %1%, %LinkFile%
Run, %1%

To make any file type (e.g. “*.pdf”) that you want TC to create shortcuts for in the Windows ‘Recent’ folder run this script, use menu: “Files|Internal Associations” and add the file type. In the input box next to “Open”, put:

"[PathAndFullNameOfAHKScript]" "%1"

Thanks to @9kvD38n6 who posted this in the forum.

Nov 17 15

Conceptworld launches Questions & Answers site

by Gautam Jain (Conceptworld)

Hello Customers,

Pleased to announce that we have launched Questions & Answers (QA) site for faster, instant support. This site is similar to Stack Overflow. QA will let you search questions & answers (related to Notezilla, RecentX, Copywhiz etc) that other customers have asked. So there are high chances that you will instantly find your answer without having to send us email and wait for an answer.

Thank you all for your continued support & encouragement :)

Aug 31 15

Sending sticky notes from Notezilla to Evernote

by Gautam Jain (Conceptworld)

Notezilla & Evernote are often seen as competitors. Surprisingly, many of our customers use Evernote along with Notezilla. Notezilla is used for taking quick notes right on your Windows desktop, set reminders and also to attach sticky notes to documents, websites etc. While Evernote is often used to archive bigger notes containing heavier content like pictures, audio etc. Of course, you can insert pictures inside Notezilla’s sticky notes too :).

This article will show you how to send sticky notes from Notezilla to Evernote.

With Notezilla, you are now able to send notes to Evernote. Notezilla integrates seamlessly with Evernote on your Windows PC, your smartphone or tablet such as iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone. This is how it works. Evernote gives every user an unique email address. When you send an email to that email address, it is converted to a note inside your Evernote account. Notezilla allows you to send a sticky note to any contact using his/her email address. You just have to add this unique Evernote’s email address as a contact in Notezilla and send your sticky notes to that email address. The sticky notes will be saved as Evernote notes.


Login to your Evernote Account from your Windows version of Evernote. Click on Tools—>Accounts Info. Accounts Info page will pop-up. This page displays the unique Evernote email address. Shown in below picture:


Now, add this unique Evernote email address as a contact in Notezilla. To add a contact, go to a sticky note and choose Send To->Contact option from the top left button.


Let’s try sending the below sticky note from Notezilla to Evernote account. To send the sticky note, choose Send To->Contact option from the top left button of that sticky note. Now choose the Evernote email address and click on ‘Send Now’. To know more about how to add contacts in Notezilla, Click here.

The sticky note will appear as a new note in Evernote as shown in below picture.

You can try Notezilla for free.

Thanks. Hope you found this helpful :). If you did, please like it by clicking on one of the social media buttons (facebook, twitter, google+) on top/left of this post.

Wish you the best!

May 18 15

Notezilla for iPhone/iPad is here!

by Gautam Jain (Conceptworld)

We are very happy to launch Notezilla app for iPhone/iPad. Back in December, we had launched Notezilla for Android.

What is Notezilla? Notezilla is a professional, elegant & highly rated sticky notes app for Windows & Phones (Android, iPhone/iPad – iOS, Windows Phone etc). It can help you organize your life by keeping all the notes, tasks & reminders that you may need when-ever and where-ever you are. Check out Notezilla’s homepage.

Here are the screenshots of the new Notezilla app for iPhone/iPad. Download from App Store today and sync all your desktop sticky notes from Notezilla on Windows.

Notes List

Notes List - Notezlla for iPhone/iPad

Edit Note

Edit Note - Notezlla for iPhone/iPad

Checklist Note

Checklist Note - Notezlla for iPhone/iPad

Set Reminder to Note

Set Reminder - Notezlla for iPhone/iPad

Main Menu

Main Menu - Notezlla for iPhone/iPad

Assign Tags to Notes

Assign Tags - Notezlla for iPhone/iPad

Organize Notes inside Folders

Organize Notes inside Folders - Notezlla for iPhone/iPad

Send Notes to Contacts

Send Notes to Contacts - Notezlla for iPhone/iPad

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