Keep sticky notes always on top in Windows

Notezilla lets you keep sticky notes always on top of other applications in Windows. Basically, pinning the sticky note so that they always show up on top while working with other programs & documents.

It is so convenient to have the sticky note pinned on top so that you can refer to related notes, collect data from other websites, documents during your research etc. Rather, not having this feature leaves an incomplete feeling.

Notezilla & its ‘Stay On Top’ feature.

Below is a short video (1 minute 20 seconds) which will give you a brief about Notezilla & its ‘Stay On Top‘ feature.

This is one of those features that we often forget to appreciate. But we miss it badly when we don’t find it in other similar sticky notes programs. Windows default Sticky Notes app is one of those. It doesn’t have the ability to stick the note on top – A feature that users naturally expect it.

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