Sending sticky notes to another computer across local network (LAN)

We are pleased to inform that we just released Notezilla version 8.0.18 that allows you to send sticky notes instantly to another computer over local network (LAN). Basically, you would use either computer name or IP address to send a sticky note to another Notezilla user.

Here is a short video showing how to setup & use this feature in Notezilla.

The advantage of sending notes directly over LAN is that the other computer receives the sticky note instantly. It is faster than even email communication. Also, this method works better for companies that are more concerned about privacy & security. Sticky notes sent over local network do not use Internet. All communication happens within the private network itself. Since this feature is not dependent on Notezilla.Net cloud service, you don’t have to subscribe to the Notezilla.Net service if you are not using any of its features (Sync, Phone access, Sending note as email or Sending note to contact over Internet).

Send sticky notes over network (LAN)
Sending sticky notes to another computer over network (LAN)

Earlier builds of version 8 also allowed to send sticky notes to another Notezilla user. But it depended on the Notezilla.Net cloud service. You would use this feature 1) To send sticky notes another contact who is not in the same network, 2) To send sticky notes to another contact who may be offline 3) To send sticky notes as email.

Another major advantage of using Notezilla.Net service is that you can access your sticky notes from your phone or tablet (iPhone, Android, iPad, Windows Phone etc) using the Notezilla.Net web app.

Thank you all :)