Synchronize Sticky Notes between PCs in Notezilla

Notezilla doesn’t provide a separate functionality to synchronize sticky notes.

You just have to copy Notezilla’s data files between two PCs such as your desktop and laptop in order to make sure you have the latest notes.

Notezilla stores data under:
“C:\Documents and Settings\(user name)\Application Data\Conceptworld\Notezilla\” on Windows XP
“C:\Users\(user name)\AppData\Roaming\Conceptworld\Notezilla\” on Windows Vista

When you travel, you just have to copy files from the above folder on desktop to the respective folder on laptop. After you return from your travel, just do the reverse.

You can use some simple file copy tools, back up tool, synchronization tool or a simple batch file with xcopy commands will do.


Grouping favorite documents or folders using RecentX

With RecentX, it is very easy to group recent documents or folders using the “Favorite Keywords” feature.

Lets say that you have the following favorite documents that you wish to group.

  1. Proposal.doc
  2. Timesheet.xls
  3. Errors.log
  4. Meeting.doc

You will new create a new “Favorite Keywords” item as shown below:

Favorite Documents Keywords

It is important to note that the criteria must be set to “Any Words”