Notezilla Release Notes

IMPORTANT: Free Notezilla apps for Android and iPhone/iPad are available!

Version 9.0.30 - 10-Jul-2023

  • The 'Stick to Window' window showed the desktop sticky notes also in the window list since the previous update. This is fixed.

Version 9.0.29 - 02-Apr-2023

  • The reminder popup window is now resizable.

Version 9.0.28 - 02-Oct-2022

  • Blurred text issue fixed (issue from 9.0.26).

Version 9.0.27 - 24-Aug-2022

  • Reverted the multiple display monitor change that was made in the previous update.

Version 9.0.26 - 3-Aug-2022

  • Increased the max pictures limit from 3 to 5.
  • Improved the desktop sticky notes behavior when on multiple display monitors with different DPI settings.
  • Mouse wheel scrolls more lines inside a sticky note (setting taken from Windows).
  • Fixed issues related to activating/deactivating the license.
  • When 'Hide notes on Show Desktop (Win+D)' setting is unchecked, pinned desktop sticky notes (stay on top) did not behave correctly. This is fixed.
  • Other usability issues fixed.

Version 9.0.25 - 16-Jun-2022

  • Notezilla's package size reduced significantly (upto 40%).

Version 9.0.24 - 27-Apr-2022

  • UI improvements.
  • Inside a new sticky note an extra - [ ] was added on changing the note color. This is fixed.
  • Default 'Offline' memoboard wasn't created when upgrading from version older than 8. This is fixed.
  • The delete note confirmation message box wasn't accessible when overlapped by another sticky note. This is fixed.

Version 9.0.23 - 9-Apr-2022

  • The default 'Tutorial videos' sticky note uses standard editor instead of markdown editor.

Version 9.0.22 - 2-Apr-2022

  • Improved text formatting related to automatic spell check.
  • Added an option to "Unhide last desktop note" inside Notezilla's main taskbar menu.
  • Improved caret positioning when switching to edit mode in Markdown editor.
  • When arranging desktop sticky notes, the rolled up notes occupy less space.
  • Now, attached pictures are also printed along with a sticky note.
  • After searching a note, the text highlighted did not clear off when editing the note. This is fixed.
  • Text copied from an MS Office product was pasted as a picture inside a sticky note. This is fixed.
  • Sticky notes did not arrange correctly inside the defined desktop area. This is fixed.
  • If a sticky note is attached to MS Word with "Hide note otherwise" option disabled, right clicking inside MS Word did not work correctly. This is fixed.
  • When resizing the Notes Browser window, some times the note inside the reminder window would move to a different location on the desktop. This is fixed.

Version 9.0.21 - 16-Mar-2022

  • Added the feature to make the desktop sticky note fully transparent, where only text is visible.

Version 9.0.20 - 11-Mar-2022

  • Improved multi-level checklists (outlining).
  • Markdown based text formatting inside list items did not work since the last update. This is fixed.

Version 9.0.19 - 8-Mar-2022

  • It is now possible to keep different set of sticky notes on the desktop of each PC that's syncing with your account. This can be enabled from the Preferences window.
  • You can now mark a memoboard as favorite when sticking a note to any memoboard.
  • Improved the reminder popup window so that it doesn't allow accidental dismiss while working in another app.
  • Made right click sticky note menu more intuitive when using the Markdown editor.
  • Fixed issues related to multiple level bullets and numbering in Markdown editor.
  • When a checklist note was updated from phone, it did not show the new content immediately in the Windows app after syncing. This is fixed.

Version 9.0.18 - 16-Feb-2022

  • Updated the Windows app to make it compatible with the new Standard editor feature in phone apps (Android and iPhone/iPad).
  • Android/iPhone app changes
    • Added the ability to sort notes list.
    • App remembers your sort preferences for each folder, tag and search query.
    • You can now switch from Markdown editor to Standard editor (plain text).
    • Syncs your editor preference with the Windows app.

Version 9.0.17 - 23-Jan-2022

  • Now, a sticky note will continue to be in edit-mode until Esc key is pressed. This will allow you to easily copy/paste text when switching between tasks.

Version 9.0.16 - 15-Jan-2022

  • Automatic check for updates frequency can be changed from Notezilla Preferences.
  • Improved sticky note's behavior when sticking it to the underlying window.
  • Attaching a sticky note to the second window used mis-behave when trying to edit the title of the window in Notezilla. This is fixed.
  • Sometimes custom data folder location would reset to the default data folder location. This has been fixed.

Version 9.0.15 - 04-Dec-2021

  • Sometimes custom data folder location would reset to the default data folder location. This has been fixed.

Version 9.0.14 - 11-Nov-2021

  • Added ability to apply reminder settings from Preferences to all existing reminder notes.
  • Bigger icons used in sticky note's toolbars on higher display resolution.
  • From the Markdown formatting toolbar, easily convert whole note to checklist note.
  • Resizing of sticky note is made easier on higher display resolution.
  • Markdown formatting improvements related to Heading, Code and Blockquote.
  • Ctrl+M shortcut key added to quickly stick the note to any other memoboard.
  • Other UI and usability improvements.
  • Small notes used to resize whenever they were edited directly from the reminder window. This is fixed.
  • Sticky note inside a reminder window used to appear at different places on the desktop. This is fixed.

Version 9.0.13 - 28-Sep-2021

  • Default editor is now set to Standard editor instead of the Markdown editor.

Version 9.0.12 - 24-Sep-2021

  • Improvements in spell checker.
  • With auto-spellcheck enabled, the app crashed when trying to edit a sticky note with large content. This is fixed.
  • When resizing a sticky note, the mouse pointer would sometimes jump and flicker. This is fixed.

Version 9.0.11 - 30-Aug-2021

  • Incompatibility with certain programs caused Notezilla to use high CPU resulting in non-responsive state. This is fixed.
  • Sometimes a desktop sticky note would appear blank (although no content was lost). This is fixed.

Version 9.0.10 - 27-Aug-2021

  • The message boxes that appear when switching between Markdown and Standard editors can be disabled.

Version 9.0.9 - 26-Aug-2021

  • Improved the way lighter text color is used on dark colored notes.

Version 9.0.8 - 23-Aug-2021

  • Notezilla allows you to show an additional taskbar button for quick access to desktop notes using mouse click or Alt+Tab.
  • Sometimes Notezilla's CPU usage would increase to 15%-20%. This is fixed.
  • Removed the noise from the default reminder sound.
  • Switching to Markdown editor would still retain the old formatted text until the note was modified. This is fixed.
  • Fixed an outlining issue when using a bulletted list in Markdown.

Version 9.0.7 - 17-Aug-2021

  • When upgrading from the previous version, user is given an option to choose between the Markdown editor and Standard editor.

Version 9.0.6 - 11-Aug-2021

  • Sometimes blank note was shown in read mode (edit mode displayed it correctly). This is fixed.
  • When migrating from the old version, notes containing hyphenated lines are treated well.

Version 9.0.5 - 09-Aug-2021

  • For editing a sticky note F2 replaced with Spacebar key.
  • Option added to directly edit a sticky note without double click (Standard editor only).
  • Applying text style in markdown editor is easier on single word and whole line.
  • Keyboard caret is now placed correctly when switching to edit mode.

Version 9.0.4 - 03-Aug-2021

  • Standard editor setting was not being applied to new notes. This is fixed.

Version 9.0.3 - 02-Aug-2021

  • Have removed the taskbar button for now. Will make it optional later.

Version 9.0.2 - 31-Jul-2021

Windows Version 8.0.43 and older

Customer Reviews

I have tested dozens (at least 20, possibly 30) note applications from EverNote and OneNote, to Note Everything, SimpleNote, ColorNote, Zoho Notebook, etc. And of all these, NoteZilla is the ONLY program that was able to accomplish the simple task I was seeking.

Geoff C

Great piece of software (Notezilla) replacing the way too heavy Evernote. The latest update is a major improvement and makes this the perfect companion to the desktop solution. Look and feel now very practical, synching works now without glitches. And fast and great support, the folks react fast to questions and suggestions.

Baloo Tom

Awesome. I love and use Notezilla on a daily basis. Best post-it note software I've come across. I love the note boards so I don't have to clutter up my desk top unless I want to!

Angela Nussberger

So far Im in love with Notezilla. I started with evernotes, but neither those nor windows notes could not keep sticky notes always on top - and Notezilla delivered!!.

Kristina Kryundal

This is the Best Product Ever!!! Saves me $20 bucks a week easily by not having to buy Post it notes. Works great on my network with zero errors.

William Rucker

Notezilla – the Rolls Royce of sticky note programs, I literally tested EVERY competing product. Thank you very much, for giving the world this truly amazing program.

Chuck C

Awesome product, Simply awesome. Post-IT, can’t touch it. My personal productivity is soaring. There’s nothing else like it. And I know, because I’ve done my “homework”.

Will Smith

I have found Notezilla to be brilliant – I think the best value for money programme going around! I love it - the best programme I ever downloaded from the net!

David Hooper

Great product and Great people to work with!! Could not ask for anything more.

Tom Carey

I purchased notezilla a while back and I use it just about everyday. It's by far the most outstanding "post it" notes EVER made.

Javier Gil

Without a doubt, out of everything out there for desktop notes, you're product is perfection. Perfect in every way that a desktop note should help and support a busy person being more productive.

Kris Campbell

NoteZilla is the Rolls Royce of electronic sticky notes


I had used Post Its electronic notes for years and had tested other shareware and freeware but NoteZilla appears to be the best choice for a 64 bit Vista system

Ron Kollman

I used 3M's notes for many years, until NoteZilla came along. NoteZilla is definitely better and I have never had a problem with it


I cannot live without water, chocolate, and Notezilla ... you can't possibly be sufficiently proud of your achievement........

Bill Glass

What a great product! I've tried about 10 of your sticky note rivals -- far and away the leader of the pack!

Gautam Patel

By the way, when my wife saw the post-its on my laptop desktop, she went wild for it and wanted it on our home computer (it’s already there). Thanks again!

Robert Terry

This program deserves tons of awards. It works so well and is really excellent and perfectly done. I wish all programmers made their programs as good as this

David Narbutas

This is without doubt the best 'sticky note' software (I've tried both freeware and the Post-it Notes original) - and it's better than that.

Rich Marcov

Thanks for your program it's very important. Now you don't have to fill up your monitor edges with the square yellow stickies!! Thank you very much!!!!!!

Roberto Nunez


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